Nokia 6790 Surge – A Billowing Surge of Social Networking

Mobile phones are proving the age old dictum worthwhile once again, 'man is a social animal.

Online PR News – 15-March-2010 – – As the contemporary man heavily relies on the mobiles for the purpose of interaction, there is no dearth of companies, which are coming up with newer versions of mobiles just to make sure that communication happens instantaneously without bothering the distance involved.

One of the major labels in the mobile market, recognized for its most superior technology, Nokia, has always been innovative in its approach. Since, it is one of the oldest mobile phone companies and a reputable entity, none other than it understands the perennial needs of the customers around the world.

In continuation with the same legacy of producing amazing handsets, it has come out with the Nokia 6790 Surge. Whatever the aspect, this phone delivers more than expected, especially for those who are fond of remaining in touch with their near and dear ones through the agency of the Internet.

Since, youth, no matter wherever he belongs to, always tends to enjoy the social interaction via the medium of the Internet, it has largely found this phone as one of the valuable inventions of the contemporary times.

The phone gives the power to stay in touch through its Symbian-powered Smartphone technology and is available with host of other modern features. It has a complete QWERTY keyboard, a feature that gives instant access when it comes to typing with speed and accuracy. The spacing of the keyboard is also worthwhile as it grants accurate finger space making the typing easy and convenient.

The camera comes with 2 megapixels, the utility of which is enhanced with the feature, Juice Caster application. This application is basically helpful in uploading the photos and videos in an instant. It means that one can stay in direct touch with ones friends on face book, MySpace and etc from anywhere, anytime. This particular feature is behind the sudden popularity of this mobile phone.

In fact, Nokia has once again proved that latest Nokia phones always follow the tradition of innovation, perfection, and above all customer satisfaction.