Fitness Coaches at Broadway Athletic and Swim Club Make Training More Accessible with New Program for a Fast-Growing Demographic

Online PR News – 30-August-2012 – SAN DIEGO, CA – (SAN DIEGO) - While individuals of all ages should be committed to exercising daily, it’s especially critical for senior men and women. The risk for health conditions such as osteoporosis and heart disease can be greatly reduced through proper training, so Broadway Athletic and Swim Club is taking steps to ensure that seniors have the means to keep healthy through expert tips and their new senior membership program.

“Aging can affect numerous aspects of our health including our muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility,” said Tom Pazdernik, fitness coach at Broadway Athletic and Swim Club. “That’s why it’s especially important that senior men and women also participate in regular physical activity.”

Pazdernik and fellow Fitness Coach Lanae Felice offer the following tips as a basis for a senior exercise regimen:

Incorporate weight-bearing activity: Weight-bearing activity (such as resistance training) coupled with adequate intake of calcium and vitamin D, can dramatically decrease the risk of developing osteoporosis. Performed two to three times a week, weight-bearing activity can increase bone mineral density by simultaneously stimulating bone formation and retaining calcium. Suggested exercises: shoulder press (upper body) and squats (lower body)

Strength training: Recent studies indicate that regular strength training is the number one physical activity to slow down the aging effects of the body. Ask your trainer to help you develop a safe but structured weight training program.

Consistency: Be sure to exercise on a regular basis and eat a healthy, balanced diet. These are two of the most important things within your control when it comes to heart health.

To help seniors stay on track to keep fit, Broadway Athletic and Swim Club is offering people ages 60 and up a 30% discount off its cutting-edge wellness facility which focuses on functional fitness and overall well-being. This exclusive month-to-month membership (no contract!) includes over 35 group fitness classes including pool side yoga, Pilates, Barre and access to the rooftop pool.

For additional information and inquiries, contact Broadway Athletic and Swim Club at or call 619-955-8411.

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