Ambitious 12 Year-Old Skips Sports and Pursues Dream of An Acting Career

InterFACE Client Breaks into the Kids Acting Industry

Online PR News – 29-August-2012 – New York, NY – Soccer. Basketball. Football. These are the typical interests for many 12 year-old boys, but for Jarrod L. of Wappinger Falls, New York, his heart was set on becoming an actor. Fortunately for him, after working on hit shows like "Law and Order," and "Boardwalk Empire" he has been making that goal into a reality since starting with talent marketing company InterFACE.

Boardwalk Empire

A few years ago, a family friend recommended Jarrod to work as a featured extra on the hit show "Wife Swap," and Jarrod was able to work with other kids in a fun dance scene. From that moment on, he caught the acting bug, and began to beg his mother to help him pursue acting. After being approached by InterFACE, Jarrod’s parents decided to give the talent marketing center a try and signed up at the South Norwalk, CT office. The location features a Promotions Department headed by InterFACE New England Promotions Director and talent manager, and her assistant. "What I loved is that they did an orientation so that parents could ask questions," says Carolyn, Jarrod’s mom.

After taking a diverse, professional photo shoot with InterFACE’s talent photographers and stylists, InterFACE then used Jarrod’s marketing tools to market him out to seasoned child talent agencies. Jarrod quickly became one of the company’s highest requested clients, being requested by top kids talent agencies like Terrific Talent Agency, and Innovative Artists. "Everyone wants Jarrod. His pictures just jump out and scream personality," says the Promotions Director. "He's a great boy with tons of personality who reads copy well, and has a great supportive mom who is willing to take him to opportunities."

Jarrod has seen much success in kids acting since his initial start with InterFACE. Jarrod has been requested to work on shows like "Boardwalk Empire," "Louie," and "Law and Order: SVU." He also is registered with NJ talent agency Xist Talent, was requested to audition for a US Open commercial, and just recently signed an exclusive contract with renowned children and young adult agency Terrific Talent Agency. "We’ve been very fortunate with InterFACE," says Carolyn. "We’ve had such a favorable experience."

"I talk about InterFACE all the time, and I would absolutely recommend them to everyone," says Carolyn. "We are working together, and I utilize the resources [InterFACE] provides to help Jarrod make progress." InterFACE will keep their fingers crossed for Jarrod, and wish him the best of luck as his career flourishes!

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