Locate Caller’s Location With Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup

Locate Caller offers services that allow people to reverse lookup unknown callers. The services are confidential and fast. It helps you identify the mystery caller who may be harassing you. Though the services are free, people wishing to utilize these services need to register and subscribe for a nominal fee.

Online PR News – 15-March-2010 – – Locate Caller (www.locatecaller.com) allows you to reverse search phone numbers in the United States and Canada. It provides you with an opportunity to find details about the mystery caller through his/her phone number. It does not matter whether it is a local land line number or the caller is using a cellular mobile phone.

According to the spokesperson of Locate Caller, “You can reverse lookup the name and location of the owner of a particular phone number; land line or cellular.”

Adding further, the spokesperson said, “Our service is confidential, fast, and you get instant results; considering modern communication is so high tech. Though our services are free, you need to pay a one time subscription fee or a nominal fee each month, for detailed information.”

Primarily for reasons of privacy, reverse lookup services, such as Locate Caller, are restricted by agreements with phone companies to provide such services without a charge. People who wish to utilize these services need to use a valid credit card to register and subscribe.

This ensures that the information will not be utilized for any illegal purposes such as stalking the owner of the number.

Locate Caller says that people who do not wish to spend this nominal amount have an alternative. They can try to look up the number in the white pages available publicly or thumb through the voluminous phone books. They can also use Internet search engines.

“However,” says its spokesperson, “if the number happens to be an unlisted one, such a search will not provide any results. The reason being, such details are not available publicly. Try our services. Our free reverse lookup lets you locate unknown callers.”

This is how it works. Each of the 50 states as well as the District of Columbia and the 11 provinces of Canada are identified through their various three-digit area codes. Clicking on a specific area code gives the various listings of that particular area code. Further, selection of the listed 6-digit area code lists all the phone numbers having that area code.

Now, on selecting a specific number provides you details of the owner vis-à-vis the owner’s name, address and city, type of phone (land line or cellular), as well as carrier information (if available).

Up to this point, where the owner of the number is identified, Locate Caller does not charge anything from its service users.

It is only when a person needs further detailed information, such as
Basic Background Checks, Criminal Searches, Arrest/Warrant Searches, People Searches, Business Searches, Neighborhood Check, Relative Search, Reverse IP Search, among others, that person needs to make a subscription.

Locate Caller cautions its users not to use the services for any fraud attempts as the location of the user’s computer is recorded and the person will be prosecuted.

Visit www.locatecaller.com to check out the services.