Can You Work Tomorrow? The Beauty in ReDesign

CanUWorkTomorrow is proud to announce a fully revamped website, designed to make it easier for talent seekers to find highly qualified personnel in a moment’s notice. CanUWorkTomorrow provides you with fast results, so you can literally find work tomorrow.

Online PR News – 29-August-2012 – Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey – The features of the newly redesigned site are simple: more options are available for you to connect with potential employees. Fill out a short form of what you are looking for in an employee, list the qualifications needed, and within moments, you are instantly connected with hundreds of professionals from all over the country that are able to work remotely, or choose from a wide selection of employees available to work immediately in your city.
Some key features of the redesigned site include:
• A FAQS section and a forum where you can ask questions about our site and learn more about the networking process.
• Advanced social networking opportunities for businesses who sign up.
• News section and monthly newsletter keeping you informed of the goings on at CanUWork
• A specialized store where businesses can feature select products and services, allowing your company more exposure on the web.
• What separates CanUworktomorrow from other hiring, recruiting, and employment websites is the personal feel of the network. Eliminating the recruiters makes the connection much more present and real. In this day and age, people are defining their careers and work lives outside of the cubicle. Our site is social and our profiles are personal.
• We have created a service where businesses can hire smart, local, competent professionals without the hassle of middlemen and excessive paperwork.

Visit us at . Why spend your precious time sifting through resumes, posting ads on countless job sites, when you can spend a few scant minutes selecting the right employee from our list of qualified workers?
Make it simple. Check out today.

"Cindy and Karen are entrepreneurs who love providing an environment where highly talented and capable women, students and other professionals are connected to temporary tasks, projects, and work in a wide variety of business environments, all on their own schedules. Join, work, get paid. Businesses can Hire Today For The Day.”