Eye on the Sparrow Designs Releases CHANGE THE WORLD CD Honoring the Late Carter Albrecht
29 August 2012
September 3, 2012 marks the release of The Sparrow Project, CHANGE THE WORLD, Vol. 1, a 15-song compilation CD filled with ‘undiscovered’ Dallas musicians hand-picked by Salim Nourallah of Pleasantry Lane Studio in Dallas, Texas and released by Eye on the Sparrow Designs (http://www.shareyourstrings.com). Recycled bass and guitar string jewelry company Eye on the Sparrow Designs is releasing the CD to honor the memory of musician Carter Albrecht. Albrecht, a renowned member of the Dallas music scene, died in 2007 as the result of an accidental shooting. Albrecht was a friend to jewelry designer Abbie Chesney, owner of Eye on the Sparrow, which Chesney established in 2007 to raise money for the Carter Albrecht Music Foundation. After several fortuitous events led to marked growth for the company in early 2012; Chesney decided to ramp up her efforts to bring attention to the musicians themselves. This led to her work on CHANGE THE WORLD. “In addition to raising money for the CAMF, my goal for Eye on the Sparrow Designs has always been to promote and help musicians. When I started the company, I marked each piece of guitar or bass string jewelry with the name of the musician who donated that string or set of strings. As sales grew I wasn’t always able to do this, which bothered me,” said Chesney. “I wanted to jump-start that aspect of the company; there are so many great Dallas musicians who are sort of flying under the radar. Carter strongly believed in what’s going on musically here in Dallas and it’s important to me to make good on that belief. Sharing these 15 artists is a big step forward in achieving my goal. And of course, Carter is prominently featured as one of the fifteen.” Chesney asked Salim Nourallah of Pleasantry Lane to hand-pick the artists on the CHANGE THE WORLD CD because of his relationship with Albrecht and the music scene in Dallas. Nourallah worked on Albrecht’s only solo effort, “Jesus is Alive and Living in London” and has recorded countless other Dallas musicians. Many of these have Albrecht’s name as a session musician all over their liner notes. Eye on the Sparrow will release CHANGE THE WORLD on September 3, 2012, the day of Albrecht’s death— to honor his life. A CHANGE THE WORLD CD release show will follow on September 6 at The Kessler Theater in Oak Cliff, Texas. Musicians Dave Little, Chris Holt, Salim Nourallah, Sammy Strittmatter, and John Lefler, all featured on CHANGE THE WORLD are on the lineup. Chris Holt will perform Albrecht’s contribution to the CD, “When You’re Younger.” Copies of CHANGE THE WORLD will be given away at the release show. Both iTunes and CD Baby will carry CHANGE THE WORLD online, as will various venues around the Dallas area. “I’d like for as many people as possible to get their hands on a free copy of the CD; it’s my way of giving back,” remarked Chesney. “And I think that the more ears that hear these fifteen artists the better.” Additionally, a copy of CHANGE THE WORLD, either digitally or in hand, will accompany every piece of jewelry sold through Eye on the Sparrow Designs online or in person. I’ve ordered over 800 download cards and 1,000 CDs. I figure that’s a good start and I can’t wait to have to re-order!” laughed Chesney Other names included on The Sparrow Project, CHANGE THE WORLD, Vol. 1 include Smile Smile, Sealion, From The Skies, Gabrielle LaPlante, Coyotehead, Alex & Jeremy, Nicholas Altobelli, Mindsigh, and the Last Ones on Earth. For more information regarding Eye on the Sparrow Designs or The Sparrow Project, CHANGE THE WORLD, Vol. 1 please contact Abbie Chesney at eyeonthesparrowdesigns@gmail.com.