FJC Security Says Residential Hiring of Private Security Increases as Police Budgets are Cut

FJC Security Services, Inc. sees more and more people increasingly taking matters into their own hands by joining town watches or hiring private security firms to help keep their residences and neighborhoods safe.

Online PR News – 28-August-2012 – Floral Park, New York – "The current economic climate has put a big strain on public services and residential communities and neighborhoods feel they have to utilize the resources of private security companies to safeguard individuals and property," said Mark D. Coffino, FJC Security Services, Inc. Executive Vice President.

FJC Security personnel can play several roles at residential communities. Most often private security guards attend to building lobbies and other entrances. They control access to the community and may also be required to track and monitor all visitors to the property. Apartment complexes, resident care facilities for the elderly, nursing homes and dormitories all require the services of residential security guards. Additionally, they may be employed to protect gated residential communities, private estates or be engaged by residential neighborhood associations. They operate all security technology such as closed circuit cameras.

Private security may be used to patrol the residential property. Patrols enable security guards to become extremely familiar with both the property they are protecting and the people who reside there. During the course of their shift they may make rounds, assuring that all doors are closed and locked as required. They look for unusual or suspicious activity.

Private security can be used at residential parking garages and parking lots. They can enforce all parking rules such as entry permits, parking space usage and ensure that unauthorized vehicles are not on the property.

FJC Security also notes that private security in residential areas often play an important role in emergencies. They direct residents during emergency situations and serve as liaison between the property they are guarding and the local police department. Because they are familiar with the area they can cut down on emergency response time.

According to Coffino, “many residential communities are home to the elderly and having knowledgeable personnel on site is critical to their well-being.”

Residential private security’s goal is to provide a safe and secure environment for tenants, staff and visitors. They work closely with staff administrators and local law enforcement to maintain an environment to meet each residential community’s specific needs.

FJC Security Services, Inc. is headquartered in Floral Park, NY with offices in New York, New Jersey and Texas. For more information, visit or call 1.888.TEAM.FJC.

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