Search Engine Optimization Firm's Top Nine Blogs

Now that the search engine optimization firms' blog has topped 10,307 subscribers, Master Google is sharing nine other popular blogs readers might be interested in.

Online PR News – 03-September-2012 – Evergreen, CO – ORLANDO, FLORIDA-Master Google's SEO blog reached a new high this month with 10,311 subscribers without plans of slowing. Their blog is one way they keep readers informed of the big updates in the SEO world and provide as many how-to's and resources as possible.

"To achieve your SEO goals you need a dependable source that will keep you up to date on preferred practices and the newest and best SEO techniques," says Ali Husayni, a website SEO expert and our CEO.

To celebrate the blog's recent milestone, they are sharing nine of the SEO-related websites they feel provide the latest and most in-depth information.

According to Google PageRank and Alexa global, ranking these sites have a quite high popularity. Google ranks pages on a scale that ranges from one to 10 that's based on the number of other pages linked to them and the ranking of those particular pages- the higher being more popular. Alexa uses the average number of daily visitors and number of views to determine ranking. The more popular the website, the lower their ranking number.

1. Search Engine Land: Alexa Ranking 1,231, PR 7

This is site can be used to keep current on the latest news in the search engine industry. The content is produced by authors Barry Schwartz and Danny Sullivan which, while easy to read, provides in-depth and detailed information that users always stand to learn from. The authors tend to get their inside their scoops through Google employees like Matt Cutts.

2. Search Engine Watch: Alexa Ranking 1,794, PR 7

Their blogs primarily cover Web search, tips to help site owners improve Google ranking and an analysis of the industry. The director of Search Engine Watch, Jonathan Allen, and a staff writer, Miranda Miller, are two of the blog's contributing authors.

3. Alexa Ranking 414, PR 6

According to Jessica Bates, a Master Google SEO copy writer, this site can be quite helpful. She often looks up information regarding the newest updates and changes she hears about from the official Google blog and Google+ pages.

"The Whiteboard Friday posts are quite informative and easily understood, which I like," Bates says.

4. SEO Book: Alexa Ranking 1,602, PR 6

Founder Aaron Wall designed this site to function as an SEO training program. Accessing many of the extra tools, videos and forums requires joining, but blogs and some tutorials can be accessed without creating an account. The site contains many valuable resources and information regarding the direction the search engine industry is heading.

5. Top Rank Online Marketing Blog: Alexa Ranking 9,416, PR 6

Nearly nine years ago, Lee Odden started this blog that highlights commentary and resources that pertain to digital marketing and public relations.

6. Search Engine Roundtable: Alexa Ranking 5,812,171, PR 6

Users can use this website as a one-stop place for finding the most intriguing threads of SEO marketing forums every day. Barry Schwartz, CEO of RustyBrick and editor at Search Engine Land, is the site's founder.

7. Matt Cutts Blog: Alexa Ranking 7,665, PR 6

Matt Cutts is the man behind the Search Quality team at Google. Cutts specializes in search engine optimization-related issues. His work is based on quality, not quantity, as he has posted only eight times in 2012. The blog's archives allow users to view posts that date back to 2005. His blog is a favorite of Editor-in-Chief Lorrie Walker, who regards it as a good source for quality information.

8. Google Official Blog: Alexa Ranking 12,132, PR 8

Where better to find information than at the source. Google's official blog covers the latest projects it has in the works, as well as everything from search engine updates and tips to improve Google ranking.

9. Google Webmaster Central Blog: Alexa Ranking 9,542, PR 7

This site's blog is geared toward website owners and covers official information from Google regarding crawling and indexing sites for its index. It may be helpful to address topics of interest found on this site on other top blogs since the information provided is mostly technical.

By enabling the PageRank, users can see the importance of the site they are viewing as determined by Google.

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