Sun Labs Presents A New Product Crowned Their Best Tanning Lotion Yet

Sun Laboratories is a quality manufacturer of self tanning solutions. They now have a new product crowned their "best tanning lotion" that you should definitely check out!

Online PR News – 29-August-2012 – Chatsworth, CA – If you are looking for a quality self tanning solution, you might find comfort in the "best tanning solution" that is now being offered at the Sun Labs website. Sun Laboratories has featured many press releases on our website in the past, though we have never seen anything like their newest and greatest product. Crowned the Best Tanning Lotion, their newest lotion into their huge line of products is supposed to provide a lot of different benefits to our skin that you can't get from other products on the market.

A self tanning lotion that is nourishing and natural but yet efficient!
Ultimately, when you are taking a self tanning lotion, you are trying to get tan! Sun Laboratories provides only the best self tanning lotions that are going to give you a natural bronze appeal and accomplish this look quickly. All of their lotions are packed with plenty of bronzers that can help tan your skin in no time. However, what you may not have already known, is that Sun Laboratories specializes in selling quality tanning products that are going to be nourishing for your skin as well. Their newest self tanning lotion is said to not clog your pores or do anything negative to your skin. Instead, it provides a bright and vibrant appeal, producing an everlasting shine that will make you look even more beautiful. These are some of the benefits that self tanner's need to find in the products that they buy. Rather than paying expensive prices for self tanning lotions that do nothing but dark in your skin, you can get a self tanning lotion that provides numerous other benefits as well!

No harmful ingredients that could be dangerous to your health
Part of the reason that people buy self tanning products and do not go tanning at a tanning salon or under the natural sun, is because they did not want to harm their skin. It is scientifically proven and supported by doctors, that tanning in the natural sun or going to a tanning bed, over exposes your skin to harmful UV rays and can make it much more likely that you will develop skin cancer or other types of skin conditions. It can also increase the chances that you will suffer from skin damages such as sunspots. All of this can be avoided by purchasing self tanning lotions that can provide the same can for your skin, without the dangerous aspects. Self tanning lotions provide no negative attributes to your skin, they are completely safe and affordable to use on a regular basis. This is one of the benefits that you will receive when buying self tanning products from Sun Labs. They ensure that every product that they produce has no harmful ingredients are chemicals. Rather, they specialize in using natural ingredients that have been tested in many products in the past. All of their ingredients are FDA certified and approved to be used in over-the-counter self tanning solutions. Ultimately, if you are looking to revolutionize your skin and look better than you ever have before, the new product offered at Sun Labs crowned the "best tanning lotion" can do wonders for you.