FSO Launches Debt Consolidation Loan Solutions for Bad Credit Finance Options in Australia

Financial Services Online (FSO) is responding to the increasing demand for bad credit and impaired credit finance solutions in Australia

Online PR News – 29-August-2012 – Queensland, Australia, 28rd August 2012 – Queensland, Australia, 28rd August 2012./ “Financial Services Online (FSO) is responding to the increasing demand for bad credit and impaired credit finance solutions in Australia with a new service designed to assist customers seeking unsecured personal loans for consolidating debt. In addition, visitors applying for personal finance who declare unresolved issues on their credit files are automatically offered assistance in having their credit file repaired.”

“As the number of Australians facing difficult financial times is on the rise, more and more are looking for finance in order to consolidate their debts into more manageable repayments. Many Aussie loan consumers are struggling with their bills, loan repayments, credit card debts, etc and are finding access to unsecured finance for debt consolidation increasingly difficult to obtain due to problems with their credit history. Credit history problems can vary in their nature and can often be overcome with a little outside help.”

“Direct lenders, online finance brokers and loan comparison services are all competing aggressively for the attention of finance consumers in Australia and this activity is also creating a negative impact on the borrowing capacity for many individuals. The ease by which people can make online loan enquiries is seeing an explosion in this sector but many applicants are unaware that, by making multiple applications with multiple lenders, they are creating multiple entries on their own credit files which invariably limits their borrowing options.“

“In the process of providing finance and debt consolidation services in Australia, FSO is also extending credit repair offers to online loan applicants who have problems on their credit files and these offers are extended at no charge and without obligation.”

“FSO does not initiate credit checks on loan assessment enquiries or debt consolidation finance applicants, meaning that consumers' loan options are not limited by unnecessary negative credit file entries. Visitors to Financial Services Online are directed to specialty finance pages where they can apply for a free loan eligibility assessment for any worthwhile purpose including debt consolidation and credit repair.”

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