Companies West Group Inc. to Re-Issue and Replace All Old Share Certificates

Companies West Group Inc. (Frankfurt:A38 - News) (OTC.BB:COWS - News) -- During the past several years the company has contracted several different transfer agents as record keepers of shareholder transactions.

Online PR News – 15-March-2010 – – Also during this period several different series of stock certificates were issued to shareholders. This was mainly due to the fact that certain series were discontinued and had to be re-ordered or that one particular series happened to be a favoured print of a certain transfer agent.
First and foremost the company assures all shareholders that their stock certificates are valid regardless of the series of print used. Nevertheless this has caused a great deal of confusion with a large number of our shareholders. To properly address the issue the board of directors have resolved to issue New Stock Certificates to all shareholders on record. These certificates will replace all previous ones issued. They will bear the same date of issue as the original ones. Shareholders holding more than one certificate will be issued the same number of share certificates to replace the old ones.
The new uniform stock certificates will be of same style and will include updated officer information. Once issued the new stock certificate will immediately replace all old share certificates of Companies West Group. In fact all the old ones will be immediately cancelled. No action is required by the shareholder. The corporate ledger will reflect the replacement and re-issue of all stock certificates.
Shares already on deposit with a bank or broker will not be affected since they have been changed to electronic format. We would like to urge all shareholders to discard or destroy all old certificates of the company once new ones are received and you are satisfied that the amounts are identical and personal information is accurate.
The new certificates will be issued via registered mail.
About Companies West Group Inc.
Companies West Group Inc. corporate focus is on natural energy resources green energy or alternative fuel sector. Established back in 1958, it became a Colorado corporation in 1986. Most of this Company's investments will be in instruments that provide a contribution to a clean and sustainable environment. The Company invests in firms that prevent or reduce air and water pollution as well as those which use fewer chemical pesticides. We seek to provide alternatives to clear cutting forests and to promote recycling. Companies West Group believes that cost effective areas in which we invest such as clean water and clean exploration solutions will continue to present opportunities for economic advance now.
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