Facebook vs Twitter: Social Media Marketing Strategy Results Analysis

Internet marketing firm compares the benefits of Facebook verse Twitter to determine which Social Media marketing strategy is most effective.

Online PR News – 15-March-2010 – – Internet Marketing optimization firm compares the benefits of Twitter verse Facebook as a Social Media marketing strategy. Focusing on viral marketing and interactivity to determine which Social Media source offers the best results for businesses and online marketers. What follows is a condensed version of part three of the original study. A Social Media marketing study performed by Irbtrax SEO and Social Media Optimization that took several months to complete.

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The 1st category of part three of this study focused on Twitter verse Facebook as an effective Social Media intimacy platform. Social Media intimacy is a buzzword for direct audience communication and participation. Also known as interactivity:

Facebook was declared to have the advantage because it's a naturally interactive community due to its 'wall' feature. A feature where Facebook users can publish updates and important news or offers which allow for direct social participation and commentary. This information, and the related comments, can remain visible for long periods of time depending on the activity level. Or can be reposted at a later date if needed.

The level of social interactivity on Twitter is far lower due to Tweet 'turnover'. Which makes interactive dialogue difficult especially if you have a large following or a high Tweet Volume. The most effective method of achieving social interactivity on Twitter generally involves real time contests or give a ways. While this method has been used effectively to achieve certain objectives, the amount of direct social interactivity is still limited.

The 2nd category of part three of this study compared the viral marketing benefits of Facebook verse Twitter for expedient content. Expedient content is news or information that a company wants delivered to its target audience quickly and efficiently:

Twitter was declared to have the advantage because creative or newsworthy tweets perform like a rapidly spreading Tier 1 Press Release. When retransmitted by your followers they are then picked up by their followers resulting in extensive Twitter and general Internet exposure. Including Google 'real time' search results when they contain live Tweets. Part of this advantage also takes into account that it's not even necessary to have a large group of followers to get visible viral results.

Facebook is internal community focused. In most cases it requires your target audience to visit your account to get this expedient content. However, given that it's much easier to build a large following on Facebook due to the sheer volume of users- Unique, creative or newsworthy information posted on your 'wall' can spread virally within this community. The wider Internet viral visibility of this content is much harder to measure especially in terms of expediency.

The original study concluded that it's important to perform basic Internet market research, apply the findings to your target audience and weigh the strengths of each platform.

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