Real Estate Websites Company Top Seller Sites LLC Offers Solutions For Myers Internet Customers

Real estate website provider and mortgage website provider Top Seller Sites LLC is offering solutions and discounts for Myers Internet former customers displaced by Myers going out of business.

Online PR News – 28-August-2012 – BOISE, Ida. – BOISE, Ida. - Top Seller Sites LLC is offering solutions for Myers Internet customers affected by the recent closing of the big real estate and mortgage websites company. The troubled Myers announced recently they were shutting down all customer websites, leaving many loan officers and real estate agents stranded without a backup plan for their web marketing.

Top Seller Sites LLC has been a leading real estate website provider for over seven years, specializing in real estate SEO and websites. Kevin Harper, President of the company, says he has told clients for years to protect themselves from the collapse of real estate and mortgage website providers by owning their own site rather than renting it from a subscription-based company like Myers.

"I would never encourage any sales agent of any sort, whether that is loans or homes, to rely on a subscription-based website solution, because that puts their livelihood at the mercy of other companies that may or may not be around in a few years."

He says his company only offers websites that are hosted in a webhosting account in the client's name, under the full administrative control of the client.

"Client ownership protects their investment, of course, in the event of something catastrophic like Myers Internet going out of business, but it also gives the business owner peace of mind and an incentive to invest in the success of the website."

Harper says renting a website solution is a lot like renting a home. Renters don't invest in improving the house, or upgrading the kitchen, because it does not truly belong to them. He says in the same way, website "renters" like Myers customers, are usually reluctant to invest in the success of their real estate site because they know that they may not own the site for more than a few years.

"When real estate agents and loan officers finally get serious about their sales efforts online, they usually realize they need a website that is portable from company to company, in case they change brokers."

He says that simply knowing they are going to own the site for the life of their real estate or mortgage sales career gives website owners a much better reason to invest in their own success than simply renting a cookie-cutter website solution.

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