DAKCS Software Systems Introduces New Debtor Email Portal: QwikContact

DAKCS Software Systems has introduced new debtor email portal : QwickContact for DACKS clients to send emails to debtors through a secure, interactive process that ensures debtor privacy.

Online PR News – 28-August-2012 – August 28, 2012. Ogden, Utah – Ogden, Utah. During their second  annual Virtual Client Conference held August 22-­24, DAKCS Software Systems announced their latest service offering QwikContact, a completely integrated solution designed for DAKCS clients to send emails to debtors through a secure, interactive process that ensures debtor privacy. All agencies’notices with  viable email addresses will  be sent to the DAKCS portal, QwikSolve,  where  through  email  notification and subsequent interactive self identification steps, the debtor will be able to access the portal and retrieve their notice(s).  

QwikContact is  the first of  several new portal based, service offerings that DAKCS will be introducing over the next  year. QwikSolve, the new debtor portal will provide agencies with the flexibility to create unlimited payment options and enhanced communication possibilities for the debtor over the Internet.  

According to Lex Patterson, DAKCS president, “We believe that QwikContact is a solution with limitless potential for our clients. We recognize that the only sure method of reaching a debtor today is through email and cell phones. We have created a unique design that meets regulatory requirements for debtor privacy yet allows our agencies to start experiencing the benefits of email contact. Our new debtor portal, QwikSolve, will evolve over the next year as an exciting and innovative solution for our clients. It will provide them with a range of secure options to connect with debtors over the Internet, saving them time and money.”  

DAKCS Software Systems, Inc. is a proven leader in accounts receivable management solutions. Established in the early eighties by and for collection professionals, DAKCS has been providing clients with innovative and creative solutions for over thirty years. With a diversified client base, ranging from attorneys to first party collections companies, their primary focus has always been and continues to be addressing the needs of their existing clients; staying current with industry issues and concerns, listening carefully to client requests and making things happen, quickly and cost effectively. Located in the heart of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains, DAKCS headquarters are in Ogden, Utah. To learn more about DAKCS and its robust product portfolio that includes Beyond.Net, VIC, VOCALITY, @Client Services, ASCENT, RESOLVE, QwikSolve, QwikContact and more, contact the sales department at 800-873-2527 and visit the website at www.dakcs.com.