American Muslim Woman Fitness Trainer Invited to White House for Ramadan Iftar Dinner

Mubarakah Ibrahim, a 36 year old American Muslim woman and entrepreneur was invited to the annual Iftar dinner at the White House that was held August 10, 2012 and was going to be mentioned by name by President Barak Obama.

Online PR News – 28-August-2012 – New Haven, CT – Mubarakah Ibrahim is known by many nick names. In her local community. You can hear “The Boot Camp Lady” or “The Muslim Trainer” uttered as she is seen walking through the groceru store. Her female clientele have titled her “The Fatologist” because of her highly successful weigt loss programs and her thousands of Facebook followers tag her as “Fit Muslimah”. She was even called “The job you’d never expect by Oprah Winfrey when she appreared on her show talk show “Thirty-Something in America” six years ago, because she is an othadox Sunni Muslim woman and dress in full Islamic garb covering everything but her face and her hands as she does personal training, teach fitness classes and lead outdoor boot camp programs. She’s use to being called by many titles by various people but was delightfully surprised when she was called by the White House.

Ibrahim, the 36 year old entraprenuer was invited to the annual Ramadan Iftar dinner at the White House that was held August 10, 2012 and was going to be mentioned by name by President Barak Obama as he honored American Muslim women who make a difference in their community but as fate would have it she missed the opportunity due to the death of her mother. “When I returned to work Monday morning after taking a week leave of absence I had a message from President Obama’s speech writer who had called to get more information about me and inquire about my RSVP. Of course I was elated and horribly dissapointed at the same time because I immediately realized that the dinner was the previous Friday”, explains Ibrahim.

In his speech Presidnet Obama honored American Muslim women like Sanaa Nadim who was one of the first Muslim chaplains at an American college, educator Auysha Muhayya, an Afghanistan born refugee who fled with her family to America, and Huma Abedin aid to Senator Clinton.

We can only speculate how the President would have described Ibrahim who is a both a business owner and have advocated for health and fitness for women for over 12 years, because she did not get the invitation in time to respond. Her mother died after a long illness following a debilitating stroke two years ago the previous Saturday so Ibrahim did not get her mail or messages for a week while attended the funeral in North Carolina and spending time with family. “After getting the phone message and seeing the RSVP I still responded to let the White House and President know that I am a huge supporter, but did not get the invitation in time due to the death of my mother”, say Ibrahim who is the second generation of four generations of American born Muslims after her parents converted to Sunni Islam in Brooklyn during the 1960’s.

This too ended up being another Presidential honor, because the following week Ibrahim received a letter of condolence for the death of her Mother, Atiyah Ibrahim, signed by President Barak Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama themselves. “This was such a wonderful surprise and has increased my respect for the President and First Lady. The fact that they would take the time to hear of my circumstances and sign a letter shows such compassion on their part”. Ibrahim is one of six children and says she plans on copying and framing the letter of condolence for each of her siblings.

When asked if she thinks she will get another opportunity to meet the President Obama, she responded, “I certainly hope so. The White House staff I spoke to said I would be at the top of the list next year. But I am hoping for sympathy, personal invitation to have lunch with the President and First lady, hey if you going to dream, dream big, right?” Of course that invitation is contingent upon the President being re-elected for which Ibrahim say is on the top of her to do list for 2012. “Get the President Re-elected.”