First Home Security Announces New Range of High-End Wireless Burglar Alarms

: London based Secirity experts, SecurityCam, offers high-end security solutionsincluding Burglar Alarms, Intruder Alarms, CCTVfor residential as well as business needs. The company employs standard procedures to manage security projects.

Online PR News – 27-August-2012 – London – London ,August 16, 2012:The basic need post food and shelter is none other than security. With rising threats and burglaries, security has become utmost importance. Not only residential security, but also safety measures for business and commercial places are the need of the day. Recently, the high-end security solution provider, First Home Security announced a range of security equipments like Burglar Alarms, Intruder Alarms, CCTV, etc. to fill the gaps in the product line. Every security solution offered by First Home Security meets the objective of safeguarding a place completely. The new introduction in the line alerts neighbors, guards, and even police when a burglar attack. Not only this, the company devised a new kind of intruder alarms that signals neighbors when someone forcibly intrudes a home or office.

Revealing more about the alarms, a Senior Spokesperson says, “We at First Home Security offer not only security equipment, but also consultancy to help our clients chose the best set of solution for their home or offices. We have a highly experienced team of technicians to devise the best-fitting solutions. The new range of wireless security solutions is flexible and adaptable, while including an additional area for security like garages. The earlier conventional security system required wiring to include other areas, while this is not the case with our wireless security system that requires installing just additional sensors.”

Wireless Security Equipments like the one Burglar Alarmscan be easily uninstalled while relocating and reinstalled at new home. With Intruder Alarms, the security system alerts the homeowner when someone tries to intrude the house. In case of unavailability of the homeowner, a neighbor or police is notified. The benefit of CCTVis that it can be installed in more than one locations and monitored at a single computer/television system. Multiple locations are protected with the help of CCTVs. Further, the videos can be referred even later for enquiries. The in-house team of First Home Security responds quickly to customer enquiries.

The Senior Spokesperson continues, “Our team holds a clean record. Before recruiting any person, he/she goes through police scanning. This helps our customers to discuss security requirements. First Home Security exists with the objective to offer excellent security services to our wide-ranging clients from diverse fields. We improve and enhance our products to include latest introductions.”

For more information on the new wireless burglar alarms system and SecurityCam, visit their website today at or telephone 0845 644 9321.

About SecurityCAM Limited:

First Home Security offers customized security products and solutions, by comprehending various needs of customers with diverse requirements. With latest technology, the company offers high-end services to safeguard homes and offices.