High Quality Stone Resin Shower Trays are now being Offered for Unbelievable Prices

Bathroom Trade pulls a daring competition move with every item in the category getting at least a 25% discount.

Online PR News – 14-March-2010 – – STANSTEAD ABBOTS, HERTFORDSHIRE - March 8, 2010 - With various online publications highlighting the benefits of stone resin shower trays, UK-based Bathroom Trade is making these stone resin shower trays more accessible to their UK audience so that they can add extra durability and style to their bathroom. They are also continuing their successful business model in providing the best support possible to make sure each stone resin shower tray order is entertained.

Bathroom Trade has been selling bathroom fixtures and accessories since 1987 and has the foundation of real experts with hundreds of years of experience that know all the aspects in bathroom design and putting the accessories to good use. In addition to the recently discounted stone resin shower trays, Bathroom Trade also sells sinks, shower enclosures, towel rails, bathroom suites, and other shower trays made of other materials.

Any residents in the UK can order any of the items directly from the homepage at http://www.bathroomtrade.co.uk where a standard shopping cart interface is presented. The stone resin shower trays can be found in the "Shower Trays" section of the website where there are over 40 different shower trays made of stone resin in various sizes and shapes. All items in the catalog have a 25% discount with some items having a 30% discount.

Bathroom Trade describes these stone resin shower trays as very strong and luxurious shower trays that are also 30% lighter than other shower trays. They were previously not very popular due to the lack of variety, but Bathroom Trade fixes that by offering shower trays ranging from the small 700 mm x 700 mm to the shower trays that are nearly double the size. More shapes are offered as well including square, rectangular, quadrant, and pentangle variations. Every stone resin shower tray has its own dedicated item page that shows detailed information along with pictures of the shower tray. Additional options and upgrades can be chosen which add to the cost if necessary.

The good value and quality is backed with the expertise of the team behind Bathroom Trade. These people are committed in serving their customers through a freecall number where they can give advice on which stone resin shower tray is best for them or if there are other shower trays available for their bathroom style or budget.

Many other non-stone resin items have discounts as well. These items can easily be accessed in their corresponding categories or by viewing the items by manufacturer via drop-down box on the side.

The reaction from Bathroom Trade customers continues to stay positive. Graham Culley is one of the satisfied customers that praised the quick delivery and went on saying, "Many a large organisation in this country could learn valuable lessons from your staff; particularly Michelle, in how to deal with customers. No arguments, no fuss, no bother, just do it. Brilliant service which we will remember as we carry out further improvements to our property - which will include a further bathroom and WC so you can expect another order in due course!"

In addition to the attractive collection of stone resin shower trays and other items being offered, Bathroom Trade also offers free resources pertaining to bathrooms including buying guides, how-to guides, and some interesting information on the best manufacturers that Bathroom Trade are closely tied with. A new Twitter account linked to Bathroom Trade was also made to better advertise their stone resin shower trays and any other offerings made in the future.

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