NicaTour Group Announces New Partnerships and a New Retirement Tour

NicaTour Group announces their new partnerships with established licensed travel companies in Canada and Nicaragua. They have also launched a new tour of Nicaragua called the "12 Day Fact Finding Tour."

Online PR News – 27-August-2012 – MANAGUA – NicaTour Group announces their new partnerships with established licensed travel companies in Canada and Nicaragua. The company has also launched a new tour of Nicaragua (the first of its kind in Nicaragua) called the "12 Day Fact Finding Tour." The tour is aimed at individuals and groups who are looking for less expensive living costs and an overall higher quality of life, something which can be found in Nicaragua. It is also geared towards companies interested in relocating personnel to the country.

Many reputable news sources have listed Nicaragua as one of the best lower cost retirement locations. MSNBC featured the country in its report, "The World's Best Kept Retirement Secret". The U.S. News and World Report called Nicaragua “one of the world's top 10 retirement destinations.” Most recently, NBC released a story on their photoblog of Americans who have made the move to Nicaragua.

NicaTour Group began as a partnership between three individuals, one of whom was an ex-patriot who knew how beneficial the tour would be. One of the three partners has moved on to explore other opportunities since beginning in 2010. They also provide some employment opportunities for Nicaraguans and donate funds through which works with local micro-finance institutions to help create change in the lives of individuals living in poverty in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua is one of the most popular and desirable retirement locations for a variety of reasons, including its lower living costs and low crime rates. Additionally, it is relatively easy for retirees and investors to obtain residency visas through the government's retiree benefit and investor visa programs. The country offers a high quality of life and lower living costs, two things many retirees are looking for. Additionally, the country offers great economic benefits to investors and corporations. Many industries and corporations are looking towards Nicaragua as a prime location in Central America because the country shows potential for rapid growth and high returns on investments.

There are three main factors that set the Nica Tour Group's 12 Day Fact Finding Tour apart from its competitors.

First, the NicaTour Group offers an informational tour that is designed specifically for those who are interested in relocating to the country. The tour offers a series of informational presentations given by experts who are well known both in the U.S. and Nicaragua. These presentations are framed as a sort of mini-conference in Managua, giving tour participants the opportunity to learn more about the country and what it has to offer. Experts will be able to address primary issues and concerns in informal Q&A sessions - questions that are of primary concern for those considering relocation. The 12 Day Fact Finding Tour will offer information about healthcare, living costs, residency and investment opportunities, title insurance and much more.

Second, the tour takes guests throughout the country to some of its prime destinations. Visitors will have the chance to travel through Nicaragua from cities like Managua, to the highlands of Matagalpa and the colonial cities such as Leon and Granada. Guests will also travel to several beach locations on the Pacific Coast. NicaTour Group offers tours within the tour – of a coffee farm, Ometepe Island and even a national park volcano. Competitors' tours do not provide such an extensive perspective of the country and give a tour of a relatively small area of Nicaragua. Those looking to relocate to Nicaragua who take the 12 Day Fact Finding tour will be able to get a better idea of the country and what it has to offer on this tour.

Third, the tour gives guests a better idea of living accommodations in the country. Many who are looking to relocate to Nicaragua are concerned about where they might be able to live. NicaTour Group offers tours to three different property developments which gives them a better idea of what types of housing are available in the country.

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