Local video production facility hits milestone

Cincinnati area video production firm marks 25 years in business. VHS, Video 8, BetaMax, film and other old formats converted to DVD as well as corporate and legal video production work are just some areas supported. Bob Link, owner states excellence in video production key to success.

Online PR News – 25-August-2012 – Huntsville – The Cincinnati area has been blessed with the artistic abilities of Bob Link, owner of Advanced Video Data Services in creating videos on both consumer and corporate levels. With a milestone of 25 years in business as a full time, full video production facility, AVDS marks the occasion with an historical video relating to their own history. Bob Link, owner said "Producing a video on my own company should be of relative ease. After all, I lived it, created it and I should have no issues producing it."A commemorative video highlighting the beginnings of the company and enlightening the viewer on a "through the years" process that will touch on the early days of tape to tape editing, 8mm and Super 8 film transfers. A segment will be dedicated on the beginnings of legal video in the courtroom, the corporate training and sales arenas and more. Bob stated "The late 80's saw a high number of my customers transferring their old home movies to VHS tape." "We basically invented the process of converting photographs and slides to tape as well". "It was kind of weird how the process evolved", Link said. "When I made a montage of my own photos and slides my whole family enjoyed it so much so I decided why not add it on the services menu for my clients", he added.Now, in a new century and with all new technologies available, those old conversion days have been replaced. Link said "VHS converted onto a DVD is the way to go". "We can even take those Video 8, Hi 8, even the old BetaMax tapes and convert them to DVD as well", he added. Archiving those old memories onto DVD is the trend. With the life expectancy of a disk much longer than that of tape it's a trend that will certainly continue.For more information you can call Advanced Video Data Services at (513) 874-4100.Video to Digital video disc, Cincinnati Oh, Video media Production