B. Robert Farzad and Farzad & Mazarei Launch Informative Orange County Divorce Website

One of the top divorce lawyers in Orange County, California, B. Robert Farzad of Farzad & Mazarei, launches new family law website focused on the law firm's many divorce and family law case victories and client testimonials.

Online PR News – 27-August-2012 – Orange County, California – One of the top divorce lawyers in Orange County, California, B. Robert Farzad of the family law firm of Farzad & Mazarei, has launched the firm's new website that not only informs prospective clients and readers of California family law and local Orange County rules and procedures but spotlights Farzad & Mazarei and its lawyers' successful case results and actual client testimonials.

"We wanted our website to stand atop the others," firm partner, B. Robert Farzad states. "You can sit there and talk about yourself and how you believe you can help a client but we decided to take a different approach - we let our clients do the talking for us."

That type of message is delivered by the top law firms in any area of law. "If you want to see why any law firm is successful, you look at the people it represents and what they say about the lawyers. You don't look at what lawyers say about themselves," Farzad & Mazarei partner, Tawny Mazarei, explains.

You can sit there and talk about yourself and how you believe you can help a client but we decided to take a different approach - we let our clients do the talking for us.

Farzad & Mazarei became serious about its web presence to expand its reach. "We have been primarily a referral based firm, meaning that the majority of the divorce and family law clients that have come to us have been through referrals from other clients and colleagues. That hasn't changed. But it's 2012 and, these days, you need a web presence. Everyone uses the internet. It's the most effective way to get the message across. We wanted to deliver our message about our excellent Orange County divorce lawyers to a bigger audience," B. Robert Farzad states.

Farzad & Mazarei's website has features seen in most quality law firm websites such as detailed attorney profiles and easy to use ways to reach the law firm but one feature firm partner, B. Robert Farzad, is especially proud of is the Orange County Family Law FAQ pages of the site. "The FAQ pages are more comprehensive than what a prospective client would typically see, searching the web," Mr. Farzad states. "It goes into great detail in its answers, especially on issues such as Orange County child custody and visitation and liberally cites to the Orange County parenting guidelines."

The law firm's Family Law Articles section of the site is the "blog" feature most sites have but, once again, Farzad & Mazarei brings a new dynamic to these pages. "We constantly update the blog with new informative Orange County divorce articles. You won't see more than a day or so pass without a new and interesting article about one of the many facets of Orange County family law. That comes easy for us. We write what we know and we know family law," Mr. Farzad states. The Family Law Articles section doesn't just discuss the law in an easy to understand format but also addresses current and topical issues divorced couples face as times, parenting and the economy change.

Why does Farzad & Mazarei put forth so much time and effort to inform Orange County men and women who want to learn about their family law rights? Because the internet shouldn't just be a source of marketing - it should be a source of useful information that people can use to make informed decisions. B. Robert Farzad explains why. "We don't need to sell ourselves. We inform. It's how we communicate with clients before they hire us and after. Husbands and wives going through a divorce are under a lot of stress. They have questions. They need a place to turn. Our website is an excellent starting point. It will give them the foundation for what they need to know before they start their Orange County divorce case. Once they have that, they call us and we take care of the rest."

Not all lawyers are created equal. Neither are law firm sites. Farzad & Mazarei has built theirs to be consistent with their reputation - one of the top family law firms in Orange County.

Farzad & Mazarei's attorneys B. Robert Farzad, Tawny Mazarei and Matthew Sundly can be reached at the law firm's phone number of (714) 937-1193 or toll free at (877) 857-6500. The firm's Orange County divorce lawyers offer a free initial consultation and reasonable fees and, most importantly, intelligent and compassionate representation. Visit Farzad & Mazarei's website today.

About Farzad & Mazarei: Farzad & Mazarei is an Orange County based law firm that represents clients in all aspects of their divorce and family law case. The firm's areas of law include dissolution of marriage, legal separation, nullity and paternity cases as well as divorce and family law cases that include child custody, child support, spousal support, property and asset division, domestic violence and post judgment modification proceedings. Farzad & Mazarei does not make guarantees or warranties about the results of individual client cases. Every case is decided on its own facts and merit.

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