Free Live Webinar on Winning Relationship, with Dr. Bill Harley by Gary Coxe

Listen to Dr. Bill Harley, author of the best seller “His Need, Her Needs” speaking on a series of trusted tips

Online PR News – 25-August-2012 – Lakeland – Listen to Dr. Bill Harley, author of the best seller “His Need, Her Needs” speaking on a series of trusted tips, tricks, best practices and more on maintaining winning relationship in an exclusive interview with personal growth consultant and life strategist Gary Coxe to be held on Sunday, August 26, 2012 at 8 PM EST. The webinar is available to one and all and can be joined live post registration.

Relationships are often complex phenomenons which need careful handling, thoughtful observance and understanding attitude to succeed, survive and sustain. In today’s complex setting where divorce, disbelief, untrusts not only eliminates the charm of a bond, but also kills its core essence; we surely need guidance to keep walking on the right track holding each others’ hands.

With an aim to streamline things simpler for you, personal growth consultant and life strategist Gary Coxe is organizing a content-rich and optimistically approached webinar in which he will interview relationship pundit Bill Harley on understanding what it takes to bring passion and perfection in a relationship.

The webinar will be a knowledge-oriented session covering unique ideas as Bill will speak on many important deciders on maintaining a happy and long-lasting relationship, such as how to understand each other positively, things to keep in mind to encourage free flow of improved communication, trust issues, maintaining finance etc.
Bill has mastered the art of relationship and he himself has been married with the same woman for over 50 years now. Add to this, his book “His Need, Her Needs” has saw selling of over 3 million copies and translated into 22 languages, which speaks volumes about his in depth knowledge and understanding on winning relationship.

The webinar, by its format and objective, is meant for everyone; starting from those who have been recently married and looking for a long-lasting relationship minus worries to those who want to regain the same level of enthusiasm they had once in their relationship. One can attend the relationship webinar live absolutely at no cost.

All it needs is a simple and easy registration on Gary’s website. In case you miss the live webinar, replay facility is available too!

To be held on Sunday, Aug 26th 8:00 pm EST
The registration is limited to only initial viewership. To claim your view, register here now.

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