North York Braces Expert Discusses Retainer Wear and Care

North York braces provider Dr. Arun Rajasekaran of Liberty Orthodontic Centre offers advice regarding retainer wear and care.

Online PR News – 25-August-2012 – North York/ON – MARKHAM, ONTARIO -Back to school season is here and Dr. Arun Rajasekaran is preparing his orthodontic patients with advice about caring for their removable retainers.

But this advice is something all patients- not just students- need to understand, said Rajasekaran, a North York braces pro. Keeping a smile healthy and good-looking involves always wearing a removable retainer unless eating a meal or playing sports. Wearing it also means a patient will not accidentally misplace their retainer when it is not in its case.

"Wearing and properly caring for your retainer is important for maintaining a beautiful smile because your retainer keeps your teeth in proper alignment after your braces are removed," said Rajasekaran, of Liberty Orthodontic Centre, Markham invisalign professional.

It's important that patients wear retainers according to the guidelines set by their orthodontics provider to prevent teeth from drifting out of alignment and avoid the unnecessary cost of additional treatment.

"By properly caring for your removable retainer, you ensure the results you and your orthodontist achieve will last," says Richmond Hill orthodontist, Rajasekaran. "Your retainer holds teeth in their proper position once treatment is finished and braces are removed."

Here is some advice for maintaining a healthy smile by caring for your retainer:

• Brush teeth and your removable retainer after meals and before bed.

• Use baking soda, denture cleaner or your toothpaste to clean your retainer.

• When not in your mouth, make sure your retainer is in its case.

• To prevent your retainer from drying out or accidentally being thrown away, avoid wrapping it in a napkin.

• Put your retainer in its case before putting it in your purse or pocket. When not protected by its case, your retainer is more susceptible to damage.

• Avoid leaving the retainer unprotected by its case for extended periods.

• Avoid boiling the retainer in water or sterilizing it with alcohol to avoid damage to its shape.

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