AblySoft Reconsidering Its Content Strategy

The web design company recently disclosed that it is reconsidering its content strategy to make it more reader-friendly and easy to ‘scan’ through.

Online PR News – 25-August-2012 – mohali – From time immemorial, content is regarded as king for web pages. However, if the same is true, perhaps it wouldn’t be wrong to state that AblySoft is considering crown overhaul. The web design company recently disclosed that it is reconsidering its content strategy to make it more reader-friendly and easy to ‘scan’ through. When contacted, the head of the content department confirmed the news;

“We were considering the move for a long time but didn’t want to initiate an action without research. After report of our specialists came and our experts went through the reading pattern of web users in recent past, it became certain that we could make a number of improvements in our present content strategy. A team of copywriters and content developers have been appointed and they are reviewing the content on our website.”

As a celebrated web services firm with extensive online web design portfolio, AblySoft takes the traffic it receives very seriously. To make sure that visitors get the information they look for without spending too much time browsing, it follows simplistic content that is divided into small paragraphs with sub headings. However, with explosion in the population of websites, users have become more impatient. Senior member of AblySoft content team was available for comment;

“Web users have become more edgy. If they wanted fast results earlier, now they want faster. There is a reason behind shrinking of content in upcoming websites. ‘Less is more’ has become the anthem in case of content, and there is no way one can escape it. As best web design company, we are trying to accomplish the same for our platform. While emphasis would always remain on informing the visitor, effort would be to introduce the element of brevity.”

Content nowadays asks the same amount of research and time as designing or development does. Especially after Google updates, there has been a surge in the demand of high quality content. Ablysoft, the web design company India also known for its high end SEO services, wishes to remain the leader in the content race with the upcoming change in content strategy. Another member of the AblySoft team commented;

“Though our clients also know us as affordable web designing company, we rather wish to establish ourselves as a dynamic web firm that evolves every minute, every hour and every day. We wish rivals to follow our lead”

Addressed as AblySoft web design company in the beginning, it has now also established itself in the business of development, content and reputation management.

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