Numina Group Unveils RxPack™ at NACDS Pharmacy & Technology Conference in Denver

Numina Group’s RxPack™ is a high speed, automated bottle and lit pack system for mail order pharmacy operations. It is designed to meet FDA validation standards and fits into 100 square feet.

Online PR News – 25-August-2012 – WOODRIDGE, IL – Numina Group, automation experts with over 25 years of experience in warehouse automation systems, recognized a need for a faster and more flexible mail order pharmacy automated bottle packing system. RxPack™ is the industry's first non-proprietary automated pack and ship solution that simultaneously processes mixed single and multi-bottle orders. Each order is validated to FDA standards. Numina Group's RDS™ real-time control system time stamps and archives each prescription order bottle barcode, literature barcode, and shipping bag label to its internal Oracle ® MySQL database.

RxPack™ eliminates manual packing and document insertion for both single and multi-bottle pharmacy orders, eliminating errors, and resulting in faster, more accurate and lower cost order fulfillment. It utilizes the latest generation, high speed pick and place SCARA Robot to process over 700 orders per hour, outperforming 5 or more manual pack stations. The space saving system fits into only 100 square feet.

The robotic pack process includes redundant print, fold and literature insertion with camera based barcode and image archival prescription validation of the entire pack and ship process. Numina Group's control system RDS™ validates each prescription bottle barcode, literature barcode, and shipping bag label, and seamlessly interfaces to new or existing pharmacy automation systems.

Numina Group's warehouse control software, RDS™, is a scalable, real-time software platform that executes an entire suite of order fulfillment automation control modules. RDS™ controls and unifies picking, packing and validation operations in both new and existing pharmacy automation applications. Communication toolsets integrate plant floor automation to existing ERP and Order Management Systems.

"We're very excited to show off our newest product RxPack™. The mail order pharmacy industry is experiencing rapid growth due to market forces, and the RxPack™ is perfectly designed to greatly improve efficiencies in new or existing operations” said Dan Hanrahan, President of Numina Group (

Numina Group's RxPack™ will premiere at Booth 943, at the 2012 NACDS Pharmacy & Technology Conference in Denver, Colorado, running from August 25 - 28. For more information about our automated bottle packing solution or our warehouse control system please contact us or visit our Booth.

About Numina Group.
Founded in 1986, Numina Group is a leading systems integrator and material handling automation supplier, providing Warehouse Control Systems (WCS), and automation systems for manufacturing and distribution operations worldwide. Core strengths are focused in design and implementation of Pick, Pack, & Ship order fulfillment process improvements. Numina Group offers a full range of services from consulting/design, control system upgrades/process improvements to fully integrated Warehouse Control Systems and turn-key distribution operations. Numina Group’s expertise eliminates bottlenecks and excessive labor while improving accuracy and throughput across the entire order fulfillment and distribution operation. To learn more about Numina Group please visit them at

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