2012 N.J. Deer Season Calendars Released by DaysToHunt

DaysToHunt releases the New 2012 New Jersey Deer Season calendars to aid New Jersey hunters in planning successful deer hunts while abiding by the proper season dates.

Online PR News – 25-August-2012 – Elmer, NJ – DaysToHunt released the 2012 New Jersey Deer Season Calendars for purchase on their website . In addition to the website the calendars were made available in many local shops through out the state of New Jersey.

The 2012 New Jersey deer season calendars that DaysToHunt released on their website were color coded for each deer season. Separate calendars were made available for each of the eight major New Jersey Deer regulation sets with corresponding hunting zones as defined in the 2012 New Jersey Hunting and Trapping Digest. The seasons displayed on the calendars were Fall bow, Permit bow, Muzzleloader, Six-Day firearm, Permit shotgun, Winter bow and Youth day.

The DaysToHunt website gave the following description of the calendars, “Here is an easy to use one page calendar of the 2012 deer seasons. It is developed by regulation set and zones. It is color coded with the number of days to hunt for each season. Deer hunters can circle the date they harvest their deer, make notes of deer activity at the bottom and keep as a reference for the future”. It is also stated that a discount is given on the calendars when they are purchased via local shops “The calendars are $3 on the web page including shipping and are color laser prints on 110 pound paper. To support local establishments the calendars can also be purchased from the local hunting shops listed on the DaysToHunt website at a discounted rate as shipping will not be required”.

To learn more about the Deer Season Calendars, visit the DaysToHunt website.

About DaysToHunt:
Founded in 2011 by John and David Brooks, DaysToHunt started helping friends and fellow hunters in Southern New Jersey abide by the hunting dates defined for regulation set 4 in the New Jersey Hunting and Trapping Digest by distributing color coded calendars made by hand. The demand for the color coded calendars increased so much over the years that the DaysToHunt website was created and calendars were produced for the eight major New Jersey deer hunting regulation sets to help hunters through out New Jersey.