"Timeless Stray," by Gil C. Schmidt, FREE until Tuesday, August 28th

The third installment of Gil C. Schmidt's PHENOMENOLOGISTS series, "Timeless Stray," is FREE until August 28th. Presented by Jenius Publishers, "Timeless Stray" is part of the 7-story volume "Enter The Phenomenologists."

Online PR News – 25-August-2012 – Cabo Rojo, PR – Imagine The X-Files in Victorian England… An exciting adventure series continues with the publication of "Timeless Stray" the third installment of The Phenomenologists Series, FREE until Tuesday, August 28th. Author Gil C. Schmidt presents three bold adventurers facing thrilling challenges that blend science fiction, mystery and horror in a mix called by one critic "(T)he X-Files meets Indiana Jones meets Ghostbusters."

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The main characters are Murchison and Leeds, British gentlemen who investigate the strange phenomena besetting Queen Victoria's Great Britain in the 1870s. Leeds, from upper middle-class, is the careful planner, while Murchison, having risen from near-poverty to become a successful barrister, is more impetuous. Together they take on the unknown, of this world and almost certainly others.

Madame Franchot is setting Victorian London on its ear with her uncanny fortune-telling abilities. Murchison and Leeds are hired to investigate the woman whose past is murky, and in doing so, they may have inadvertently created a much darker future in the next century…

The entire collection of seven Phenomenologists stories can be found in "Enter The Phenomenologists," the first volume of stories. Volume Two is scheduled for publication in May 2013, so that fans of the series can follow the exploits of all three of Gil C. Schmidt's Phenomenologists.