Customer Loyalty Gifting Company Unveils Pop-By Gift Program for Realtors®

Zen Rabbit, a customer loyalty gifting company, announces the creation of a gratitude program to help real estate agents say thank you to their clients.

Online PR News – 23-August-2012 – Arlington, VA – Zen Rabbit specializes in helping business professionals build strong relationships with clients, thereby increasing customer retention and referral business. The company now offers a system for busy real estate agents to consistently say thank you to customers and provides done-for-you implementation.

Many successful residential real estate professionals representing Re/Max, Keller Williams, Long & Foster, as well as independent companies, use pop-by gifts to strengthen relationships with customers, stay top of mind and generate referral business. These are small “thinking of how much I appreciate you” or “reminding you I still exist” kinds of gifts, usually tied into the month or season. Examples include an ice cream scoop, thermal bag for keeping foods cool or some sunscreen in the summer. Or a snow scraper, umbrella or a pair of gloves in the winter. The gifts are paired with a cute gift note that ties into the theme, such as “don’t get burned by working with someone who’s less than professional” to go with the sunscreen.

Taking this concept one step further, Zen Rabbit now provides real estate agents with all types of thank you for your business or thank you for your referral gifts. Agents can set up a system for giving thanks at a listing appointment, house showing tour and contract closing, as well as to referrals. Not only are they using good manners by expressing their gratitude, Realtors who employ this program differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Zen Rabbit’s most well known product is The Gratitude Cookie™, available in customized gift packages. The company also offers other specialty food gifts, gratitude journals, note cards and a variety of unique gifts for saying thank you to loyal customers. In additional to real estate agents, the company works with financial advisers, commercial insurance brokers, medical professionals and a variety of professional services providers. For more information, visit the company website at