Access Fixtures Lighting Specialists Update Inventory and Test Emerging Products

Yesterday, Access Fixtures lighting specialists visited one of their warehouses in New York to gain hands-on experience with emerging products including induction lights and LEDs.

Online PR News – 23-August-2012 – Worcester, MA – Lighting specialists at Access Fixtures are always informed about new products and technologies in the lighting industry. Yesterday, specialists visited one of their warehouses in New York to handle, experience, and learn more about emerging technologies including LED and Induction lighting.

LED lighting is an emerging technology and will soon be the standard for clean, efficient and long lasting light. I consider LED lighting to be technology of the future,” said Dan Rodriguez, an Access Fixtures lighting specialist. He continued, “Induction lighting is another emerging green technology. It was great to go and see these different technologies and experience how much more efficient lighting is becoming.”

Induction lighting and LEDs are two of the most energy efficient lighting options on the market. Induction lighting uses the principles of induction and gas discharge for light generation and can deliver an unprecedented 100,000 hours of white light per unit. LED lighting is energy efficient because it wastes very little heat energy as opposed to incandescents and compact fluorescents. Additionally, LEDs are low maintenance, better at directing light, compact and durable. For all of these reasons and more, many people are choosing to switch to LEDs and induction lights.

LEDs are emerging as a popular choice for many venues including sports facilities such as tennis court lighting. Additionally, LEDs can be found in certain wall packs. Wall packs can be used on buildings and in garages to illuminate walkways and parking areas. As more people are switching to LEDs, including cities like Baltimore, energy savings are also rising. These technologies will continue to develop, and more options for energy efficient lighting will surely follow. Access Fixtures prides themselves on constantly looking for the best technology and offerings.

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