Green technology company launches new product, laundry Pure.

Green technology company Vollara partners with Internet marketing guru Greg Montoya to help bring their new green technologies to the marketplace, creating an opportunity for new entreprenuers.

Online PR News – 23-August-2012 – Orlando, Florida – Why creat this new opportunity, why didn't Vollara just hire a great PR firm and bring their product to the masses the conventional way? TECHNOLOGY. It is changing the way we live, communicate, and the way we do business. As innovative as Greg Montoya is, he realizes that with a proven system that calls others to take action, not only will he help Vollara reach their goal but he’ll help others reach theirs.

So many of us are looking for a way to improve our lives and provide for those we care for. 24 hours is just that, so how do we find the time to effectively generate more money and at the same time spend time with the ones we love? Make money while working from home.

10-15 years ago that answer for most of us was so far-fetched, the thought of sitting home and making money from the comfort of home, so beyond our imagination. The world is changing and we have to change too. More of us are choosing to work from home. This is a fast growing industry, and it is here to stay. For those of you with an entrepreneurial spirit this is a great opportunity.” The state of your life is nothing more than the state of your mind”, Dr. Wayne W Dyer.

There are lots of online business opportunities. I like this one because everything is in place. Here you are with a solid family with an 85 year history with approximately 60 billion in sales world wide and over 1 million active customers. Offering timely, green technology products that are revolutionizing the world. The marketing system has a 17 year proven history of success. The support is second to none.