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Afghan voice is an international news and media website dedicated to Afghanistan, Afghan NATO mission and the ummah.

Online PR News – 13-March-2010 – – Afghanvoice is an independent and neutral entity that is managed and run by the global Afghan intellectual community. The website is dedicated to Afghanistan and its people around the globe with the aim to raise awareness by providing reliable and valid information, news, views, and investigative reports in the most effective manner to the outside world. In pursuit of this commitment our dedicated team is actively campaigning for a charity donation for orphanage and medical centers in Afghanistan.

While the website is neutral in its efforts and not associated with any political party or group inside or outside Afghanistan, its policy is geared towards the protection of the cultural and religious integrity and sovereignty of the Afghan Nation.

The views and opinions expressed by some members of the team in the discussion forum or elsewhere are the views of individual members and not that of Afghan Voice.