User Friendly Restaurant Scheduling Software Is Now Available To Help Restaurant Cut Scheduling Time
23 August 2012
United States of America, 16 August 2012: Making rotating shift schedules does not have to be a big bother anymore. Busybeemanager is now offering attractive discounts on two employee schedule software plans. The prices are a steal - the Basic Plan for 25 employees at $ 15 and a Plus Plan for 100 employees at $25. They even have on offer a plan for five employees free of cost. The modern workplace has never been easy – both for the staff as well for the managers. For managers making a regular 40 hr work schedule, Monday-through-Friday plus assigning overtimes can be more of drudgery than supervising the regular work. For the staff the daily grind in itself is tiring. Add to that the anxiety of if they will get time off when they need most. Women staff has other worries too. “Irregular menstrual cycles are a common problem with women who work in regular night shifts,” says a gynecologist who has treated quite a few female nurses in a local hospital. Besides, risks exist of more serious conditions like miscarriages and spontaneous abortion. “My employee schedule software eliminates bias. I have myself experienced health and social effects of uneven work times when I was a staff myself. Now I can ensure everyone gets equal time-out,” concedes the owner of a restaurant that has 50 employees on its roll. In spite of the best intention of owners and managers, making a shift rota in a restaurant can sometimes become complicated. “Many of my employees work part time. At short notice, it is not uncommon for an employee to inform me of the reasons as to why he cannot come to work,” says the restaurant owner. “Then it used to become a big chore how to fill the vacant spot. The employee work schedule template has come as a big relief”. There are plenty of restaurant managers who would agree. The benefits of employee schedule software are many. You can: • Schedule any number of employees • Save money by reducing overtime, overstaffing, and conflicts • Lower administrative costs by reducing work on staffing and scheduling Many restaurant managers even go to the extent of conceding that it is far easier now to comply with labor laws and union rules, not to mention the management objectives. Hopefully, the restaurant scheduling software by Busybeemanager will fill the scheduling void felt by many restaurant managers and owners. Contact Info: Email Id: - Phone Number: - +1(831)440-3630 Website URL : -