IntenCity Lighting Increases Outdoor LED Fixtures Efficiencies, Introduces LED Soffit Light

Improved efficiencies in LED Garage Lights, Wall Packs, Post Top Kits, and Introducing a New LED Soffit Light. Outdoor LED Lighting Becomes Even More Competitive than Traditional HID Lighting Fixtures.

Online PR News – 23-August-2012 – Glens Falls, NY – Outdoor lighting is expensive. It operates for long hours, and is often in hard and expensive to maintain locations. IntenCity Lighting has updated a number of its products improving efficiencies, as well as, becoming more cost-effective. For property owners and managers, these LED fixtures are now a more economical and compelling choice in exterior lighting, making an even better case to replace traditional HID luminaires. Metro LED Lighting, as the sales representative for IntenCity, has had a number of recent successes in saving clients energy, using these lighting fixtures.

The LED garage light (GL-50) lumen output has increased, and additional color temperatures are available. Recently, the GL-50 was installed in a Saratoga, NY, parking garage at a color temperature of 3,900K, providing a very warm pleasing environment. This LED parking facility fixture has become more cost competitive, while maintaining its ability to light an entire parking bay with one fixture. These improvements lead to lower capital costs, while making the parking garage brighter, safer and a more inviting environment.

The LED wall packs (WP-14, WP-30, WP-45) has had numerous improvements leading to increased light output, while using slightly less power in the WP-14, and the same power in the other models. These Wall Packs are more cost effective, and readily replace metal halide lighting in many outdoor lighting applications. In the Saratoga parking garage, these fixtures brightly lit the stairwells, using only a 23 watt fixture on each level of the staircase.

The LED Post top Kit (PTLK) is now Design Lights Consortium™ (DLC) listed, and rebates are available from many utilities and others. The Post Top LED lamp is available in 40, 60 and 90 watt models. This LED Post Top Kit is readily adaptable to many decorative lighting poles, and is very effective in acorn-style lamp post lighting. Integration services are available, providing custom kits to marry the LED light fixture, adapter mounting plate, and globes for a complete replacement pole top kit.

The newest product from IntenCity, is the LED soffit light. This LED fixture is very high output, and delivers up to 120 lumens per watt. This effective and bright soffit light is available in both a recessed and surface mounted model. Additionally, the recessed soffit light plate’s size can be customized. It is a very low profile LED fixture, and is readily adaptable to existing architectural soffits or easy to design into new construction. Highly adaptable, this fixture can be used in exterior or interior lighting. Available in many highly durable finishes, this fixture is easy to integrate with many building styles.

In recent projects, Metro LED Lighting have seen measurable gains in efficiency and reduced costs of ownerships with these LED fixtures. Combining the light output improvements and changes to cost effectiveness, have led to substantially reduced payback periods for these outdoor LED lights.

Contact Metro LED Lighting, to obtain a briefing on how Metro used these IntenCity lights, to illuminate a Saratoga, New York, parking facility with a sustainable lighting solution, while lower costs, and using very few watts.

Metro LED Lighting are experts in LED core technologies, outdoor lighting engineering and design, life-cycle economic analysis, and how to build outdoor lighting systems that perform well in commercial or institutional settings. Metro is constantly investigating and analyzing LED fixtures that meet commercial, municipal, and institutional requirements for reliable, high performance, and that are at the lowest cost of ownership for outdoor lighting.

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