KPL International Announces Provision Of Specialty Chemicals On Demand

KPL international Limited, a leading Indian company in the chemical industry, has introduced Specialty Chemicals for its wide range of customers. KPL International is a reputed name across the globe for chemical imports as well as metals, polymers, gases, allied chemicals

Online PR News – 22-August-2012 – New Delhi, Delhi – New Delhi, India, August 22, 2012: KPL international Limited, a global name in the chemical industry, has introduced Specialty Chemicals for its wide range of customers. Well known in in the field of high-end chemicals & polymers, KPL International was established around two decades back. Since its inception, the company has been receiving accolades for its quality and range in the industry. An ISO 9001 certified company for quality and specialization in distribution, marketing & sourcing process, KPL International is reputed for its expertise and perfection. For the uninitiated, the company has been representing around 34 huge brands across the world, which includes the best of Indian names. Food processing, refractory, expanded polystyrene, foundry, ceramics, healthcare, and pharmaceutical are some of them.

Revealing more about the new products and their expanding range, Mr. Asit Roy, CEO of the company, says, “Specialty Chemicals have a huge market with their wide range of applications. Industries across the globe, be it agriculture, cosmetics, or even metal processing have found a filler in the gap of these chemicals. We hope that the introduction of Sodium/Potassium metal by KPL International comes as good news to targeted industries. We have been sourcing high-end Sodium/Potassium metal from Asian countries like China and the like. With a huge demand in the market, India has been acquiring the primary position, thanks to its rising demand. Our immaculate distribution network fulfills the demand across the globe.”

Fulfilling the promise of providing complete solutions, KPL International has added yet another product to its clients. High performance gases have been some of the high-selling products by KPL International. With the launch of Sulphur hexafluoride SF6, the company is all positive for a huge market base through circuit breaking companies in the industry. This versatile company has a long journey to cover to fulfil the wishes of its fast growing clients. The long list of 2100 customers has been growing at a rapid rate, making the company one of its kind in the industry. Many industries are showering huge praises for the Specialty Chemicals introduced by KPL International.

Mr. Roy continues, “With love and approval of our clients, today we have become a favorite name. We hope to make people smile and society happy with our existence and approach. With the introduction of SF6, Specialty Chemicals, Sodium/Potassium metal, KPL International have added another feather to its cap.”

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