Released the March 2010 Rankings of the Best Online Marketing Seminars

The independent authority on search vendors,, has recognized the best search engine marketing course for March 2010. These training firms can help your company to understand how to perform internet marketing without hiring a SEO company.

Online PR News – 12-March-2010 – – Plymouth, IN – The best search engine marketing course has been recognized by, the independent authority on search vendors, for March 2010. An experienced research team with the independent authority scrutinized the thousands of applicants to find the best online marketing seminars.

The ultimate goal of training is that the individuals walk away with a deeper understanding of how to perform the work. Often times training firms can jam pack information into a small window of time. As a result trainees walk away with little understanding of what has been taught. The firms on this list are the best when it comes to knowledge retention and providing the best results for their client.

The best internet marketing training programs for March 2010 are:

What was the most complex / challenging technical aspect that the training covered?

2. Greenlight
3. trainSEM
4. Bruce Clay Inc.
5. Beanstalk
6. Global Strategies
7. Laredo Group
8. Direct Marketing Association
9. NuReach Global
10. Search Engine College

A specialized team of evaluators was assigned to review the thousands of applications from those seeking to be recognized. They reviewed the firm’s training procedures and work history. The team then contacted at least three clients of each firm in order to gain their perspective of working with the agency. They ask questions such as, "Did the training program tackle relevant issues?", "What was the most complex / challenging technical aspect that the training covered?", and "Were any post-training services provided? If so, for how long?"

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