Add Twitter-Followers.Com Announces New Monthly Package Prices On Their Twitter Followers

Many small businesses are starting to buy Twitter followers as a new way of seeking popularity among their audience and to look influential in front of competitors. To look even more real AddTwitter-Followers has launched their new monthly subscription packages on followers.

Online PR News – 22-August-2012 – August 21, 2012 / Orlando, Florida – The existence of fake profiles on Twitter should no longer surprise anyone. According to Imel Seda, president and CEO of AddTwitter-Followers.Com, the rise in popularity of marketing through social media networking has created a valuable branding and visibility tool for businesses of all sizes, worldwide, and what draws even more attention is the increasing businesses that are behind the mysterious sale of followers and even more the number of companies, artists, politicians, journalist and webmasters that are beginning to adopt the practice of purchasing such products online with the idea of becoming more popular among the 140 character micro-blog better known to all as "Twitter."

The main purpose of buying Twitter followers by small businesses seems to be clear and is no other than to appear to be more influential than they actually are in front of their targeted public and to their competitors (having more followers), or make it seem that an event or campaign are more popular than they actually are.

For example, in most of these social media reseller websites with only $20 dollars, one can get 500 or 600 followers within 24 hours, and the purchase can even be done using a credit card or through Paypal and on eBay is even possible to bid and buy Twitter followers starting sometimes at "only" $15 per every 1000 followers.


However, there are also sites devoted to the sale of followers on Twitter at wholesale prices such as "", a well known American social media strategist company based in Orlando, Florida where the value in relation to the amount of followers offered is greater, although followers are said to be "of first class" and with guarantee delivery.

Seda's long time partner, entrepreneur and admin of AddTwitter-Followers.Com A. Robertson said that for only 52.00 USD flat, anyone can safely strengthen their Twitter followers count in a week or less; a celebrity can enhance their social credibility and popularity among an audience so broad it's unprecedented; small businesses benefit immensely when they know they can reach up to 80 percent of followers on Twitter in the U.S., and send an instant real-time message to the American marketplace.

Here, the prices range from $9 for 1200 Twitter followers (Starter) to only $52 for their "Standard" package of 10,000 new followers on Twitter. On this site, one can find 7 different packages, ranging from 1000 to 50,000 followers delivered rapidly to one's account or the customer has the option to subscribe to their "new monthly packages" that range from 6000 to 20k new followers evenly spread over the whole month so that one's Twitter followers growth will look even more organic. $40 dollars for 6000 new followers and up to $90 dollars for 20,000 followers evenly spread over to any account every month which is a new way of attracting customers who want their Twitter accounts to be seen as if they were growing naturally.

Further more it is also known that AddTwitter-Followers.Com was the same company that recently bought another well known social media reseller website known as www.SocialMedia-Combo.Com for $147,000 thousand dollars on a private website auction a few weeks ago where is possible to buy Facebook fans and Youtube video views.

Experts in social media and a consulted specialist on the matter talked about what kind of followers one can find on these different social media reselling websites. They explained that there are several types of false and scamming websites which will full your Twitter account with thousands of "eggs" and is important for any user which has decided to buy Twitter followers look for a well established company.

For more information, visit their website and learn more about how to buy twitter followers safely.

Social media reselling websites like and have well helped 1000's of satisfied business owners, artists, and customers attract hundreds of thousands of followers by zeroing in highly profile Twitter users. Counting large marketing firms and well-known brands and artists amongst its regular clients, this company has quickly established itself as one of the hottest social media marketing websites on the net and a safe place where one can buy Twitter followers.