Easy Notecards Introduces Bingo With An Educational Twist

Easy Notecards has developed an educational Bingo game that is dynamically created using data from notecards/flashcards.

Online PR News – 21-August-2012 – Corvallis, Oregon – Easy Notecards recently released their take on Bingo as an educational game that has both multiplayer and single player versions. Bingo can be played with any notecard set on the Easy Notecards website. Cathy Walsh, a 6th grade teacher from Philadelphia says that Bingo on Easy Notecards "is an easy game for my students to pick up" and that "it's the first thing they want to do when they have free time".

[Bingo on Easy Notecards] is the first thing [my students] want to do when they have free time - Cathy Walsh

Each Bingo game is created using data from a notecard set. For example, if a user is playing with the "States and Capitals" notecards (aka flashcards), the generated Bingo Card will contain capitals while the random Bingo Calls will be states. If the call is "Indiana" the user will look for and select "Indianapolis" on their Bingo Card.

The multiplayer version matches users against their friends and classmates. In single player, users play against computer opponents of different skill levels. Both multiplayer and single player display a game summary after the game is over. This summary shows the items the user got correct, incorrect and missed. This information helps the user determine what material he/she needs to continue studying.

Bingo is one of 3 activities on Easy Notecards students can use to help them learn new material. The other two are a quiz and matching game. In addition to these activities, users can study notecards one by one and print them as a list or notecards.

About Easy Notecards. Easy Notecards is an online studying tool that uses interactive notecards/flashcards to makes it quick and easy for students to learn new material. Includes printing, games, quizzes and more.

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