CEMCO Inc.’s Turbo 128 V-Twin VSI Crusher™ Features Large Capacity, Durability

The Turbo 128 V-Twin VSI Crusher™ is among the largest models in CEMCO, Inc.’s complete line of vertical shaft impact crushers.

Online PR News – 22-August-2012 – BELEN, N.M. August 21, 2012 – With the ability to process materials up to 6-inches in diameter, the Turbo 128 V-Twin VSI Crusher™ is among the largest models in CEMCO, Inc.’s complete line of vertical shaft impact crushers. The crusher is ideally-suited for the production of 1 ½-inch aggregate rock commonly used in concrete for roadbuilding applications. Additionally, the Turbo 128 is fully customizable to enable production of several types of aggregate materials, opening it up for use in a variety of industries including energy production, mining and recycling.

Driven by a dual-drive, optimally-balanced V-Twin™ motor design, the Turbo 128 V-Twin offers greater power input and higher product output. The Turbo 128 is available with up to 900 horsepower, weighs approximately 42,000 pounds and offers production capabilities up to 1,000 TPH.

Featuring advanced internal components and operation on the principles of centrifugal force, the Turbo 128 V-Twin crusher is efficient and economical. Material enters the crusher through the wear-resistant adjustable feed tube and drops onto an impeller table. At an RPM of up to 1,000, centrifugal force directs the material from the impellor and casts it against a stationary, abrasive resistant anvil. The material shatters along natural impact points, resulting in uniform, cube-shaped material with minimal slivered, “slabby” product. The Turbo 128 features heavy-duty self-aligning spherical roller bearings, allowing it to handle dynamic loads up to 366,000-pounds.

Designed to be fully customizable to suit each individual customer’s application and desired material output, the combination of rotor size and type, rotor speed and other configurations determine the final product size produced by the Turbo 128 V-Twin. The crusher comes equipped with a Shoe Table rotor and Anvil Ring. A Rockshelf anvil is available for the processing of medium to low-abrasion material.

Because it’s able to produce a consistent, cubical product, the Turbo 128 V-Twin provides higher production of saleable material with less waste. In addition to being more efficient and economical, the Turbo 128’s consistency proves especially helpful in meeting ever-changing state DOT specifications. Uniformly graded cubical product provides stronger asphalt in comparison to slivered or elongated material.

With minimal maintenance requirements and high-quality construction, the Turbo 128 is designed for economical ownership and operation. The drive motors are installed at the same end as the crusher to reduce cyclical vibration, extending bearing life. Additionally, the design allows for easier belt tension. The unit’s upper and lower double-row spherical-bearing pedestal system offers the longest operational life of any VSI crusher, thanks to CEMCO’s customized lubrication system. The system is designed to maintain the proper quantity of clean, cool oil on the bearings, reducing maintenance and repairs, while increasing longevity. Furthermore, the Turbo 128 V-Twin crusher is equipped with a hydraulic lid lifter to provide easy access for regular inspection and maintenance.

The Turbo 128 V-Twin is offered in a trailer-mounted configuration to enhance portability and convenience. Other options include a water flush system, designed for wet or sticky material, dust control systems, diesel motors and automation software.

CEMCO now provides VSI crushing equipment in more than 27 nations to the majority of the world’s largest producers and green-friendly companies. Its complete line of VSI crushers ranges from the Turbo 35 to the Turbo 175, and is available in diesel, electric, stationary, and portable options.

For 50 years, CEMCO, Inc. has been providing innovative solutions for a variety applications including recycling, crushing, CNC machining and robotic welding. CEMCO takes pride in providing quality customer service and will always go the extra mile to help customers solve problems. For more information contact CEMCO, Inc., 80 Don Luis Trujillo Blvd., Belen, NM, 87002, call 505-864-1200, email sales@cemcoturbo.com, visit the website at www.cemcoturbo.com or find the company on Facebook.