Freedom Health launches new website putting the consumer in control of health insurance.

Freedom Health Insurance, has launched it’s new website, which includes a live Quote Tool featuring it's new product that puts you in control, Your Choice.

Online PR News – 21-August-2012 – London – London, UK. August 21, 2012:

Freedom Health Insurance, has launched it’s new website, which includes a live Quote Tool that allows customers to ‘build your own’ package in real time from a range of options; showing the cost of conventional health insurance via it’s Elite product against a radical now offering, Your Choice.

• Brand new website including first in its class completely transparent Quote Tool
• Freedom Your Choice – putting the consumer first in times of economic downturn

Speaking about the launch of the new site, Marketing Director, Sarah Saumtally said, “The launch of the site is part of a larger campaign highlight Freedom’s Health new levels of flexibility and value we are bringing to the consumer.” The company is creating products that meet the need of customers today: “in this age of economic downturn we want our customers to know that affordable health insurance is still available to them. With healthcare costs increasing every year, and the changes within the NHS, health cover needs to be affordable and accessible to everyone.”

A new natural approach to Health Insurance : Your Choice

Freedom Health has designed a product putting the customer in charge.

“We believe that health insurance can work side by side with the NHS, providing integrated services depending on the needs of the customer,” said Ms Saumtally.

With Freedom Your Choice members can choose from any private hospital worldwide. However, if the member prefers treatment on the NHS Freedom Health will award a cash sum. This money is then available for the member to use as he or she feels fit: to help with loss of earnings, home care and recuperating or even money down for an automatic car.

Your Choice key benefits:
• Allows customers to choose whether they would like NHS or private treatment
• Awards a cash sum allowing customers to shop for the best deal
• Has no hospital list: customers can use any hospital worldwide

For example if a hip replacement was funded by the NHS (in an NHS or Private hospital) Freedom would pay a cash lump sum of over £5,500, likewise for heart bypass surgery we would pay over £8500. We feel that if the NHS can provide the care to a Your Choice member, and that is the route the member takes, having paid into their policy, they deserve a substantial cash lump sum, which can help with loss of earnings, home care and recuperating or even money down for an automatic car .. it really is Your Choice.

Yet if there was a long wait for, let say a new knee, and the NHS was not the route the member wanted to take, and wanted fast private surgery, we would pay around £12,000 for that procedure. And that puts the patient in control as many private hospitals offer fixed price offers to ‘cash buyers’ for surgical procedures. Any surplus cash is the members to keep. Surprisingly prices are often lower for ‘self pay’ patients than if funded by insurance companies.Should the member select a specific hospital that was more expensive, they would top-up our payment.

Your Choice provides true freedom for the member to use their health insurance the way they want.

Transparency - Elite
The new site also highlights the more conventional, but still flexible, Elite policy. This product is designed to provide comprehensive cover but has a number of add-on, tailor-made options including (like the other Freedom Health policies) alternative medicine, out-patient and dental/optician care. Unlike other products on the market, the Elite policy will not increase renewal premiums as a result of claims made.

Quote Tool

To take the mystery out of PMI the site features an innovative Quote Tool. The first in it’s class, this provides, no obligation, comparisons for the cost of PMI comparing both the flexible Your Choice and the more conventional policy Elite. Customers can add on, and remove options as well as change the excess. This way the customer can see, in real time, the changes in monthly premium.

Providing a personal service

Freedom Health offers a personal service: no large or offshore call centres and all of our team are based in our UK office. The company endeavours to embody the small is beautiful approach: creating products that are based around customers needs.

Here’s what some of our customers say:

"Freedom have been my best friends during my treatment."
Sandra, Cheshire

"I found all your staff very good and the way they explained what i needed to do was clear and concise. The way the staff dealt with my claim was very professional. They handled my phone calls in such a way it took away any anxiety I had in dealing with a large company. Each stage of my claim was explained to me in a way I could understand. I would not hesitate to recommend Freedom Health to anyone."
Trevor, Kent

"When undergoing open heart surgery I was overjoyed by the support and help I received. Freedom arranged all payments in advance with both speed and efficiency making the experience far less stressful than it might well have been. I will always be appreciative."
Derek, Hertfordshire

Freedom Health has worked hard to address the needs of real people in today's economic climate providing flexible and tailored solutions that are affordable.

About Freedom Health
Established in 2003, Freedom Health has been offering private health and medical insurance to individuals and companies for almost ten years.

Freedom Health offers great individual service, innovation and aim to be highly competitive. It is one of the few insurers to offer private GP services, cover for some chronic conditions and other executive benefits often not available elsewhere

Last year Freedom Health received a 8/10 review score for Freedom Elite and Worldwide from Health Insurance Magazine.

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