Electrostand Announces Annual Summer Sale

A noted brand of iPad stands, “Electrostand” has announced the annual summer sale.

Online PR News – 21-August-2012 – 701 Kennedy Street Oakland, CA 94606 – A noted brand of iPad stands, “Electrostand” has announced the annual summer sale. Electrostand offers iPad stands for all types of iPad, iPad2, iPad3 to intensify your iPad experience. The normal price of iPad stand is $79.99. However, in the ongoing summer sale, it can be purchased at $69.99 in Electrostand. Moreover, the facility of free shipping is also there for U.S. Customers.

An iPad is something which is gaining an immense popularity with the time. Of course, it is due to its number of outstanding features. It is useful in business transactions such as to view and accept the payments, to communicate with clients, etc. Having iPad, one can enjoy watching movies and videos with the utmost comfort. Moreover, a small piece of information or even a book can also be read comfortably on iPad. Additionally, it allows users to play amazing games, do video chatting and many more in the position they want. However, in order to completely enjoy all these features of iPad, it should be fixed on a stand that allows it to tilt, rotate and swivel. This is what exactly you can get at Electrostand.

Various types of iPad stands such as kiosk iPad stand, compass iPad stand, iPad lap stand, etc. are available at Electrostand at very affordable rates. Hence, with Electrostand’s iPad stand, one can firmly hold iPad for business transactions or even to read books. Moreover, the user can rotate iPad to 360 degrees, swivel it to 300 degrees and can even tilt it up to 120 degrees. Hence, watching movies and video chatting can be thoroughly enjoyed without taking help of any random object for better screen view.

One of the unique features of Electrostand is its base, which is non-skid. Hence, it is not compulsory to place them on flat surfaces only. You can easily keep them on any rough surface, on the tea-table, bed, kitchen countertop or wherever you feel comfortable. Almost all ipad stands of Electrostand are comeup with built-in USB charger, so that you can charge it while working, playing or surfing without worrying about battery discharge. Apart from this, it has special touch-sensitive LED lights to enhance the night time view of your iPad.

The Electrostand deals not only in iPad stands but also in iPad cases, docking stations as well. Just like iPad stands, iPad cases also contribute to the safety of iPad while carrying it. Taking this into account, Electrostand purchase includes two cases ideal for all types of iPads
So, take advantage of the summer sale at Electrostand to enhance your iPad experience.