Extended Warm Weather Season Creates A Boon For O'Neil's Paving

People and businesses are complaining about the hot weather and extended warm seasons but O'Neil's Paving is quietly cheering the extended profit seasons.

Online PR News – 21-August-2012 – Charlotte, NC – Many farmers are watching as their crops fail in high heat and drought, people are suffering under record high temperatures, roads have buckled, spring came earlier and summer is expected to last longer, but despite all of the heat related problems, this hot weather is allowing asphalt paving companies to extend their work season, http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/local/2012/08/19/droughts-been-goodfor-highway-builders.html.

"Yes, the weather is unbearably hot, but this means we get to work more," said Tom O'Neil of O'Neil's Paving working in Charlotte, NC.

While many people are complaining about the extremely warm weather, Tom O'Neil says, "We couldn't be more excited for the hot conditions and the possibilities of having a longer warm season in which to get our work accomplished."

Due to the conditions required for laying asphalt it is impossible for paving companies like O'Neil's Paving to work in cool or cold climates. The asphalt needs to be hot, around 280-330 degrees Fahrenheit, when it is layered onto the road. A cold road surface makes it very problematic to do a quality job.

Yes the weather is unbearably hot but this means we get to work more.

The further south you go the longer work season you have and in the Charlotte, NC area there is a mix of elevations to work with. The North Carolina mountains have a much shorter period of time available to lay asphalt before it gets too cold. Whereas in the Piedmont of South Carolina a paving company may experience an additional 2 or even 3 months more in which to work.

sealcoating and line striping are also made difficult by cold weather conditions. Sealcoating is a process where a layer of thin liquid asphalt is spray painted over a parking lot or road surface to help protect and extend the life of the asphalt from cold weather cracking and other damaging conditions.

"It's hard on the crews when the temperature is so hot but everybody knows we've got jobs to get done, at least we're working," said Tom O'Neil, referring to the sluggish economy.

To help capture some of those new jobs and to be ready for a new era in which customers utilize mobile devices, O'Neil's Paving has tweaked their new website to better display their services and information in a mobile ready format.

Looking to bolster their online presence O'Neil's Paving has invested in a website redesign and new marketing campaign to garner a piece of the growing mobile device market. To help their business grow they knew they needed to get out in front of any potential customers that are utilizing mobile devices for everyday search and tasks and their company website needed to be updated for the burgeoning mobile market.

About O'Neil's Paving

O'Neil's Paving, a company with over 30 years of asphalt paving and concrete paving experience has launched http://www.oneilspaving.net a website devoted to showcasing their services and meeting the demands of today's market with a mobile ready website.

www.oneilspaving.net will let people know about the expansive North Carolina and South Carolina service area, provides details about the different paving services and related services O'Neil's Paving offers, such as...

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http://www.webwerks.biz built http://www.oneilspaving.net website that lets customers know O'Neil's Paving contact information: Phone 704-227-4136 and the services provided.

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