Kurt Danskin, CEO, Announces Hiring Spree

Office Remote Control's CEO Kurt Danskin has just announced that the company is starting a hiring spree.

Online PR News – 21-August-2012 – Milwaukee, WI – Office Remote Control CEO and Founder, Kurt Danskin, has just announced that the company will begin taking applications for independent contractors. After a lull of about one year, the company is in need of qualified workers to help with their work load.

Chief Financial Officer, Jason Powell, said recently, "this is the perfect time for people with the proper skills and the proper home office to start making money by using those skills". Powell goes on to say that many small businesses are realizing the positive impact of Virtual Assistance and the demand for such services is on the rise.

Danskin goes on to clarify the new hiring spree. "We are not looking to 'hire' anyone but we are looking to contract with some great independent contractors." Danskin explains that the skills required are more in-depth than many stay-at-home workers realize. "Many will get rejected while the few that get through will find it to be a pretty lucrative home business after a short while," said Robin Ainslie, Director of Graphic Arts for the company.

Candidates must have a solid administrative background with an emphasis in customer service. A well-suited home office is also important.

Virtual Assistance saves company's thousands of dollars every year. There are a lot of cost savings for contracting with a VA and when company's realize that, they are hooked.

Office Remote Control still lead the way in how to do virtual assistant the right way. They are continually taking on new clients and are seeking a hand-full of outstanding individuals to work with them.

Office Remote Control is an American Based Company providing American workers for American Business.