Dan Abrams Health Insurance Provides Coverage Options For Seniors Affected By Medicare Reform

Presidential candidates continue to focus on debate over Medicare politics.

Online PR News – 20-August-2012 – Laguna Niguel, California – Using a strategy simultaneously labeled as bold and risky by players on the front lines and political heavyweights on the sidelines of the 2012 United States Presidential campaign, senior members of GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s team have charged Democrat endorsed Medicare reforms with weakening the foundation of Medicare. One of Romney’s top advisers accused President Obama of raiding Medicare’s piggy bank to fund ObamaCare, forcing thousands of seniors to look for alternatives to their health care California.

The stance adopted by Romney’s camp is notably different from the position Republicans have historically taken on Medicare. Republicans have established a reputation for criticizing the Medicare program. Now, Romney is presenting his party as the program’s would-be savior. Democrats have fought back, responding to the claims by arguing that the roughly $700 billion in reductions to projected Medicare growth over the next 10 years are intended to eliminate waste, fraud and subsidies to insurance companies. Benefits to senior citizens were not part of the cuts, according to Democrats’ arguments. Furthermore, Democrats assert, the funds saved by those cuts were funneled back into Medicare.

Regardless of how health care reform affects Medicare, Dan Abrams Health Insurance Service will continue to provide affordable, comprehensive health care California plans to the residents of California. Their service offers a broad selection of plans through top rated carriers like Blue Cross Blue Shield California.

Coverage options for seniors in need of health insurance include Medicare plans padded with extra benefits, similar in nature to Medicare Advantage plans; the Tonik Prescription Benefits plan; and Anthem Blue Cross California Senior Saver Dental.

To make shopping for health care California as simple as possible for seniors, Dan Abrams Health Insurance service provides an instant quote engine at www.Abrams-California-Health-Insurance.com that shoppers can use to compare quotes on a variety of plans.

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