Cogent Launches TouchPoint Kiosk – The Quick & Easy Visitor Management System

A market leader in the area of visitor management systems, Cogent Innovations offers a complete bouquet of physical security management software with its TouchPoint suite.

Online PR News – 12-March-2010 – – Proven to make life a lot easier, more productive and secure for several multinational firms, the suite just about automates everything from Visitor Management to Office Administration. Their 14-year long history is marked by successes achieved by integrating business, technical and organizational insights with client objectives. They have won acclaim across industries and have been recently recognized with the ‘Best IT Implementation of the Year’ for 2009 by PC Quest.

Not one to rest easy on one’s laurels, Cogent latest offering is another in a long line of responsive solutions. True to its tradition of making software that fulfills the needs of the people it serves, Cogent launches the TouchPoint Kiosk. A touch screen-based self-service Visitor Management System, the Kiosk is just perfect for an organization whose visitors are tech-savvy.

Truly visitor-friendly, the Kiosk version packs quite a punch and makes the right first impression. What you can expect with the Kiosk, in addition to a newfound admiration for your organization, is a tidy tool that doesn’t tax your already overworked security personnel while ensuring quick visitor check-in and check-out as well as an accurate headcount generator. Its functionalities are reinforced with a clear, straightforward user interface and supported by a virtual keyboard for entry of particulars, web cam for image capture and identity card printer. Now all any visitor to your premises needs to do is enter his details via the touch screen, get his ID printed with his image and he could be on his errand without further ado. And at a pocket friendly price, the TouchPoint Kiosk ushers in the corporate outlook right from your doorstep.