SocialAppsHQ unveils a free Enterprise grade Social Media Monitoring system

SocialAppsHQ, the world’s largest Facebook App store on the planet used by over 1 million page owners, today announced the launch of Social Monitoring system.

Online PR News – 20-August-2012 – Noida – NEW DELHI, India, August 20th, 2012, SocialAppsHQ, the world’s largest Facebook App store on the planet used by over 1 million page owners, today announced the launch of Social Monitoring system. After the launch of Social Planner & Social Ads recently, launch of Social Monitoring system provides a much needed All-in-One Social Media Marketing platform to the industry.

Why Social Media Monitoring? If you’re a small-business owner with a quaint cupcake café in Vermont or a vintage boutique in New York, you know that your business concept may not be unique to that area. What can you do to set yourself apart from other small-business owners who are opting to target your same market? It’s Simple! Start monitoring your business, your competitors and additional information to identify potential customers. Use planner to reach out to them and engage them through apps to increase your overall customer base.

On the launch, Rajat Garg, CEO of SocialAppsHQ said “With Social Monitoring live, SocialAppsHQ now offers a comprehensive, affordable and easy to use social media marketing system. It’s a first free enterprise grade product ever for monitoring space that can be setup within 10 minutes”.

Key features that will help you track every mention across the web -
1. Unlimited profiles and keywords - Create profiles that tracks keywords related to your brand, competitor and industry (say, determine users that type “looking for help in social media”, “which SMMS tool do you recommend” etc).
2. Monitoring dashboard – An easy to use dashboard that shows you top level metrics as well as allows you to filter (based on date, channel, keywords, sentiment etc) and sift through huge amount of data in minutes.
3. Analyze Sentiment – Let our advanced algorithms tell you instantly what people think about your brand or, competitors. With filtering options, it’s easy to determine what is driving that behavior. We also provide sentiment trend over time that allows you to measure spikes of positive or negative posts.
4. Mentions by hour and day- This section will help you to determine high activity time, track competition response times, determine users’ behavior etc.
5. Respond and Publish – Reply to posts across the web, send links to multiple networks at once and schedule messages to leverage the full power of monitoring tool.
6. Influencers - This section will show you influencers that are driving adoption of your/competitor’s product. You can engage to thank them or, win them over from your competition.

Social Media Marketing is set to change the way overall marketing works for any company and monitoring along with an ability to take follow up action to identify and engage customers is going to be the critical piece. SocialAppsHQ is very excited to be in the forefront of fast changing industry and turn monitoring on for over a million users.

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