GoldenEar Technology Loudspeakers for Unheard of Clarity

High Def Technologies Inc., a revolutionary modern day partner of innovative GoldenEar Technology has launched a new product - GoldenEar Technology loudspeakers.

Online PR News – 18-August-2012 – Calgary,Alberta, Canada – High Def Technologies Inc., a revolutionary modern day partner of innovative GoldenEar Technology has launched a new product - GoldenEar Technology loudspeakers.

Golden Ear Technology loudspeakers reviewed by some of the most respected audio/video magazines are evaluated to produce any loudness level with extreme clarity and fullness of depth. They are among the highest rated loudspeakers across the globe. Because of innovative technology, GoldenEar loudspeakers outstandingly compete with loudspeakers assessed at more than 20 times the expense.

Some GoldenEar speakers are equipped with incredible sounding built-in amplified 1200 watt subwoofers! In addition, GoldenEar Technology designed a different type of tweeter that uses a folded ribbon design for accurate reproduction of music originality. Music rendering is now exactly how it should be, exactly as it is at the time of recording!

History: GoldenEar technology is designed by Sandy Gross, co-founder of famous Polk Audio and Definitive Technology. Along with former Definitive Technology partner Don Givogue, the innovative new company Golden Ear Technology launched. GoldenEar’s founders together with their in-house engineering team have literally hundreds of years of collective experience and inventive skills. They have produced or helped to produce several of the world’s best sounding and best-selling loudspeakers. Now, a leap forward has occurred.

Company: GoldenEar Technology delivers products with heretofore unheard of clarity that the discriminating ear instantly recognizes. Sophisticated styling coupled with exceptional quality of clarity provides unending enjoyment. "Speaker design and marketing are what we've done all our lives," Gross states. Gross went on to say that they love it and they see a tremendous opportunity for making a huge difference in the marketplace for reasonably priced yet extreme quality sound reproduction.

Gross added that he and Givogue want to bring back enthusiasm and passion such as is produced by incredibly sounding devices. This is what originally drove business success for companies such as Polk and Definitive.

It is now widely known GoldenEar loudspeakers are the highest option for home theater speakers. GoldenEar speakers do not simply tune in to the sound that comes from exact locations of any particular speakers. Rather, they set a sort of soundstage that seamlessly brings forth unusual clarity in wholeness. Amazing sound reproduction presents its nature of truly fulfilling an entire listening experience. One now senses a depth of feeling and height of sound unlike before. It is now possible for you to close your eyes, imagine that you are in Carnegie Hall listening to the Philadelphia Orchestra, or within magnificent Madison Square Gardens at a major concert. All this with unheard of reality at all loudness levels!

High Def Technology Inc. furnishes accessibility for all GoldenEar speakers in Canada.

To know more visit High Def Technologies at 5740 1A Street SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada or call them at 403.290.0440.