IMS Noida Organized Kite Festival
18 August 2012
Day one was celebrated as Kite Festival. The main attraction of the event was 6 feet kite which was made by college students. They also wrote messages on it. Messages like “East or West India is the best, I love my India, India Rocks, East or West, India is the Best Proud to be Indian, Jai Bharat, Love You Indian Rocks, Jai Hind Jai Bharat” Theses messages will be played full day on Salam Namastey 90.4 on 15 August. On the second day of the event Two rock Bands Aastitva and Jashn will play there composed song in Salam Namastey 90.4. Aastitva Band will play the “Delhi Theme Song” approved by Smt Shiela Dixit and “Hindustan Meri Jaan” by Jashn Band. Director Dr A K Shrivastav also celebrated Kite festival with students and wish them Happy Independence day in advance. He said each and every body should feel proud to be an Indian.