Reliance Travels Now Offers Cheap Flights to Harare

Reliance Travels, a well known name in the air travel industry, now offers cheap flights to Harare. Harare is a popular tourist destination which offers great value for money to tourists.

Online PR News – 18-August-2012 – London – Reliance Travels has always been known for offering great air travel services to the customers. Now, it offers cheap flights to Harare (). Harare is few of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Africa. It is the capital of Zimbabwe and because of its beauty, it is also known as the London of Zimbabwe.
There are many avenues of entertainment offered in this city. There are several beaches for the beach going tourists. Ideally, western tourists come to Harare for great sunshine and relaxing sunbaths. These beaches also prove to be a great place for swimming lovers. The beaches are very safe to visit and enjoy. There are several museums located in Harare as well which give tourists an insight into the African history. These museums also help tourists know about the rich cultural heritage of the African continent. The inner side of the city exhibits with many old buildings. These buildings will give you a glimpse of the glorious past the African continent. There are several big hotel chains in Harare from where you can taste all sorts of cuisines.
There are many African regions that are very warm. However, the weather of Harare is very moderate. Usually, you can comfortably visit this city all around the year without any climate problems. One thing that is particularly famous for Harare is its greenery. Owing to this greenery, there are many parks in the city to visit as well. This greenery does not only add to the beautification of Harare but also makes it a lot more eco-friendly city to visit. Tourists from all over the world visit Harare because of its moderate climate.
Harare must not be taken as only a modern city that offers a metropolitan city experience. The city, being vital part of the African continent, has many wildlife reserves in it. There are several different types of plants, animals, birds, and fish. You can visit the different wildlife parks and sanctuaries in Harare. Some of the most notable places of Harare are Victoria Falls, National Archives, National Gallery, Mbare Market, Queen Victoria National Library, and National Botanic Garden.
Besides offering some of the best scenic views in Africa, Harare is also famous for sports. There are many international stadiums built in Harare for sports like cricket, hockey, and football. Tourists who are weary about accommodation will find Harare a lot more accommodating. There are different types of hotels in Harare for stay. Tourists can choose a hotel or resort that best fits their budget. One way of saving money is to get cheap flights to Harare from Reliance Travels. These savings can help you meet other important travelling expenditures on your way to Harare.