Water Damage Seattle Launches New Website

Water Damage Seattle has just launched their new website in hopes to make it easier for future clients to find their business. Everything is going online, even for traditional offline businesses.

Online PR News – 18-August-2012 – Seattle – Without an online presence the amount of business one can get dramatically drops, this is why Water Damage Seattle has decided to take the plunge and get online.Our main goal is to cater to our customers. Everything we do is to help them, not just during their water or mold problems, but to provide the best customer service that we can. Customer service starts with making it easy for our customers to find us. There is nothing more frustrating than searching Google and not finding what you are looking for. One of our main goals is to make it easier for our clients to find our phone number. With the ever-increasing number of smart phones, people finding local businesses need an easy way to call a business. Having a website listed with local directories, listed with Google and other major search engines will make it easier for people to find our business and phone number.Water Damage Seattle started business in hopes to out shine their competition in every way possible. "When water problems strike, we want to be there for our customers, we want to do a better job than what our competition would have done", says marketing consultant Derek.Having a business presence online not only opens the door to new opportunities but it also adds more work. Water Damage Seattle will have to monitor their reputation along with making sure their website is easily found. Both of these issues will take work and both can greatly benefit the business as a whole. Having a business website is no longer "good enough", as there are other issues a local business will need to watch out for, such as, what are their customers saying about them, where are their customers posting these reviews and how to engage potential future clients. With launching a new website, this is just the beginning for Water Damage Seattle.If you would like to contact Water Damage Seattle you can reach them at (206) 745-4750 or by mail - 1200 Westlake Avenue N. Ste 1006Seattle, WA 98109. http://www.waterdamageseattlewa.net/