New Leveling Guide Is Released For The Upcoming Game Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 Gold Secrets provides players the ability to surpass difficult obstacles and take on anything Guild Wars 2 has to offer. With in-depth leveling tactics and gold making strategies, this guide gives users a quick head-start as written in a brand new review.

Online PR News – 17-August-2012 – San Clemente, CA – Guild Wars 2 Gold Secrets was recently released to prepare for the upcoming MMORPG, Guild Wars 2. This guide offers many tactics to help progress characters and strategies to overcome countless foes. Guild Wars 2 Gold Secrets is written by Peng Joon, creator of the critically acclaimed leveling guides WoW Secrets and Diablo 3 Secrets. He is an expert when it comes to online gaming and knows exactly what to do in any gaming situation.

The main point of this Guild Wars 2 guide is to help level any character in the fastest known way possible. Now many people might think, "well how in the world does he do that when the game hasn't even released yet?!" The answer is simple. Peng Joon is renowned for his guides and is given many opportunities to try out different games in betas around the world. Guild Wars 2 is one of these games and has taken an enormous amount of his time to create a comprehensive guide to help players level rapidly. Instead of wasting countless hours going from point A to B with a little gain of experience given, this guide provides the top solutions to gather the right quests, which to do first, and how to do them in a step by step module.

Not only does he have a leveling guide, but he also has other minor guides to help start your Guild Wars 2 adventure right. One of these guides is his class guide that describes everything a person needs to know about their character and how to use them properly. This help tremendously when dealing with mobs to kill and players to destroy in PvP environments. Not only is there class guides, but there's also a gold-making strategy to start progressing characters even more.

There are many other useful guides he provides like micro and macro, gearing your character, and helpful tips to make sure you are never left behind on the release of Guild Wars 2.

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