GM helping farmers to improve food-growing programs

Star Chevrolet praises General Motors for efforts to improve local agriculture

Online PR News – 17-August-2012 – Greensburg, PA – General Motors is collaborating with local urban farmers to help compost and improve food-growing programs, according to Star Chevrolet.

GM is implementing its program at five locations around the world. The first is the GM Fairfax Assembly Plant near Kansas City. Operating since 1945, the plant is the home of the Chevy Malibu and Buick LaCrosse. The site is using its 600-plus acres to benefit local agriculture by using 120 acres – unused by the plant’s daily operations – to grow and harvest crops like soybeans. The plant is also using the no-till planting method, which reducing GM’s mowing costs, achieves minimal soil disturbance, and helps avoid CO2 emissions from entering the air.

The second location is the GM Spring Hill Manufacturing plant in Tennessee. Using a similar initiative, a farmer plants and harvests soybeans, wheat and corn on almost half of the plant’s 2,265 acres. The land was used for crop farming and raising cattle and horses prior to becoming a plant.

GM has two locations around the world aimed at helping farmers. The first is the Tashkent plant in Uzbekistan where farmers harvest wild oats to help avoid fire hazards in the 120-degree summertime heat. The plant also collects and sells its grass clipping as livestock feed.

In Rosario, Argentina, GM employees at the landfill-free assembly and stamping plants separate cafeteria food waste and other wood waste generated onsite. These piles are then broken down to form nutrient-rich organic humus. Composting dirt is used to fertilize the on-site gardens.

Finally, at the world headquarters, the Marriott hotel’s restaurant uses cafeteria scraps from the Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant – the home of the Chevy Volt – for urban garden beds in the city.

General Motors uses these methods to help with the company’s bottom line, enable waste reduction, and promote further collaboration with its plant communities.

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